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Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. HTB 55th anniversary drama “Bentoya-san no Omotenashi” broadcas t date and time decided! Starting February 25, 2023 Every Saturday from 10:40 am to 4 weeks continuous broadcast!

Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
HTB 55th anniversary drama “Bentoya-san no Omotenashi” broadcast date decided! Starting February 25, 2023 Every Saturday from 10:40 am to 4 weeks continuous broadcast!
Crank up with a smile! Starring Sayu Kubota “It became a drama filled with the good points of Hokkaido”

The broadcast date of the serial drama “Bentoya-san no Omotenashi”, which is being produced as a special program for HTB Hokkaido TV’s 55th anniversary, has finally been decided! It will be broadcast every Saturday from 10:40 am for 4 consecutive weeks from February 25 (Sat) to March 18 (Sat), 2023. (Hokkaido Local)
In addition, distribution on Netflix after the full episode has been decided. [Image 1

Sayu Kubota (C) HTB, who plays the leading role Chiharu Kojika This drama is a live-action adaptation of the popular gourmet novel “Bentoya-san no Omotenashi” set in Sapporo, with a cumulative total of over 300,000 copies (including paperbacks, paper and electronic comics). A heartbroken office worker, Chiharu Kojika (Sayu Kubota), whose life changed when she met a bento shop “Kumaben” standing in a back alley of Sapporo, and a mysterious chef, Yu Ogami (Hiroki Iijima), who makes magical bento. It is a heartwarming gourmet drama that unfolds at the center.
The filming took place over a period of about three weeks from November 21st, with locations centered around Sapporo and a set of “Kumaben” set up in HTB. Hiroki Iijima, who played the role of Yuu Ogami, who had finished shooting in the morning of the day, brought a bouquet to Sayu Kubota, who played the role of the main character, Chiharu Kojika, who was all up at Nakajima Park on the 10th. , Surprise appearance. During the shooting, Kubota did not notice Iijima, who was splendidly lost among the staff. After finishing the shooting, Kubota said, “It was a warm scene where I could always hear laughter from somewhere, so I’m kind of lonely when I think that I won’t be able to see everyone from tomorrow…” While regretting the farewell, he showed confidence in the work, saying, “I think it’s a drama filled with the honest warmth of Hokkaido’s good ingredients and the kindness of people.” He also expressed his expectations for the sequel, saying, “Chiharu was also helped by everyone, helped by Yu-san’s bento, helped by Kumaben, and was able to grow. I wish I could come back stronger.” I made it. Iijima also said, “It was the first time in a while that I was able to shoot in Hokkaido, so I was able to do it at my leisure. It was my first time shooting in Hokkaido in winter, but it was fun. It was a shoot that I felt, so I would be happy if it was reflected in the video,” he said, looking back on the shooting.
[Image 2

From left: Sayu Kubota, who plays the lead role of Chiharu Oga, and Hiroki Iijima (C) HTB, who plays the role of Yuu Ogami
The main visual for the drama has also been decided. Chiharu smiles with chopsticks, and Yuu watches over her, as if to symbolize her regaining her strength to live by eating a bento. The warm orange color of the hand-drawn curves surrounds the two of them. While valuing the atmosphere of the popular original, the design expresses the “delicious”, “fun” and “heartwarming” unique to live action. From December 20th, the official website of the drama will also be grandly opened! Information on the performers and the highlights of each story will be posted one after another.
Program official website: [Image 3

Drama “Bentoya-san no Omotenashi” Main Visual (C) HTB
[Program overview]
Hokkaido has nurtured its own unique food culture, such as Jingisukan (grilled barbecue) for BBQ and parfait for the end of the day. This story is set in such a small bento shop “Kumaben” in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Chiharu (Sayu Kubota), an office worker who has been transferred from Tokyo to Sapporo while being double-crossed by her lover. One night, he meets the mysterious genius chef Yu (Hiroki Iijima) at a bento shop “Kumaben” that stands quietly in a back alley. For some reason, Yu makes a bento that is different from Chiharu’s order. However, this special bento box made with Chiharu in mind will melt Chiharu’s frozen heart…
Before long, the bento made by Yuu’s kind intercession became popular as a “magical bento”. And troubled customers come to Kumaben. Chiharu, who had been reserved, will eventually come to fulfill the inner wishes of the people who visit “Kumaben” with Yu’s magical bento. A northern bento story that fills your stomach and heart with exquisite bento boxes made with plenty of Hokkaido ingredients and wonderful interventions!
Author: Midori Kita (born in Sapporo) Publisher: KADOKAWA
In May 2017, the first volume, “Bentoya-san no Omotenashi, Other Rice and North Sea Salmon Kama,” was published. Since then, it has been published as a series up to Volume 6, and from Volume 7 onwards, with a different main character, “Bentoya-san no Omotenashi Happiness Delivery Edition”. Volume 1 has been published for 16 editions so far, and has become a popular work with a cumulative total of 300,000 copies (including paperbacks, comics paper and electronic).
■ Program name: Hospitality of the Bento Shop
Broadcast date: Saturday, February 25, 2023 to Saturday, March 18, 2023       From 10:40 am every Saturday for 4 consecutive weeks (30 minute slots) Hokkaido Local
■ Production staff: Director: Yukako Hirao (HTB)
        Screenplay: Toru Yamamoto
Music: Satoko Shibata
Executive Producer: Hidetoshi Hashimoto (HTB)
Producers: Yuhei Hoshi, Masako Higashi, Junichi Sasaki, Kazutoshi Nozawa (HTB)         Produced by: HTB Hokkaido Television
■ Official website:
■ SNS: [Twitter] @HTB_dorama [Instagram] @htb_dorama
Details about this release:

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