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Hoon Co., Ltd. Acquired a patent for matching people (or job information) with AI

Hoon Co., Ltd.
[Hoon Co., Ltd.] Acquired a patent for matching people (or job information) with AI
Create a new Internet leading company by leveraging patent rights
Hoon Co., Ltd. looks ahead to the Internet market 10 years from now and has acquired a patent for AI-mediated matching.
There are two main types of matching via AI
(1) Mechanism for person-to-person matching on the Internet
(2) Mechanism for matching people and jobs on the Internet
2 points above
The reason for the acquisition is the background of new technological innovations such as the upcoming Web 3.0 and blockchain.
In view of social issues such as cyber security issues, fraudulent actions, and slander in the Internet situation, we believe that it will be an important technology in the near future and have acquired a patent.
The feature of this patent is the rights related to various
interactions in the matching information of (1) or (2) through some AI or algorithm such as machine learning, and we believe that new value can be created in many Internet scenes.
We are currently formulating business development through this patent. Hoon Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in worker dispatching and fee-based employment placements in the medical care and construction business, centering on qualified personnel.
Inquiries regarding this press release
Company name: Hoon Co., Ltd.
Address: 1-5-25 Minami-machida, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0005 302 Minami-Machida Building 302
(Patent content)
(Contents related to medical care dispatch) (Contents related to construction business and construction
Person in charge: Fujii
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