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“Horse Racing Tips TV!” 24 season GI, aim, season recovery rate Triple Crown King Manabu Mizukami analyzes all 66 graded races in the first half of 2023 (January to June) from various angles, the winning horse , bring out profitable horses!

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“Horse Racing Tips TV!” 24 season GI, aim, season recovery rate Triple Crown King Manabu Mizukami analyzes all 66 graded races in the first half of 2023 (January to June) from various angles, the winning horse , bring out profitable horses!
Manabu Mizukami’s new popular series “Gravity Gets! [First half of 2023] GI-GIII66 Race Strategy” published on December 15!

This series, which is in its second year, has been brushed up based on the results of the first year (22 years). Sort usable data into A and B2 ranks. Furthermore, new discoveries are being discovered one after another! Fully compatible with heavy prizes (such as the Emperor’s Award) at the Kyoto Racecourse, which will be reopened this spring! As a plus, the stallion rankings of major JRA courses have also been released. “Horse Racing Tips TV!” Recovery Rate Triple Crown, Manabu Mizukami’s unique point of view derives strategy points that are not found in mere data books.

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■ Book overview
Title of the book: Heavy Prize Getz! [First half of 2023] GI-GIII66 race strategy
Author Manabu Mizukami
Regular price 1980 yen (tax included)
Release date December 15, 2022
Rakuten Books
A message from the author
Needless to say, the first half edition covers all the JRA Hirachiju Awards from the Nakayama Gold Cup to the Takarazuka Kinen. This is the same as last year.
In addition, in order not to end up with a list of tallying software such as TARGET, we are trying to apply multiple filters and add discussions to the numbers that come up. This is also normal. 2022 was listed without considering the importance of the data, but after one year, the data was valid even if the member composition changed, the data was not correct, and the relevant horse was absent. So I couldn’t judge the data… and there was a difference in the importance of each. Therefore, we decided to divide the importance of the data.
“Capture point A” for data that matches 2022 and data that you would like to continue to push because there were no horses in question. This is because there is a lot of false data, or the data that did not come true in 2022, but the reason for the deviation was clearly deduced, or an exceptional factor occurred, and the data that continues to be effective is “strategy point B”. .
This classification should considerably reduce the time it takes for readers to handle it.
In addition, of course, we carefully checked for new data. The data that we were able to discover as a result was posted as “New Data & Supplementary Data”. Please look forward to the second year of brushing up the “Graded Prize Gets!” series.
Main contents (January to March)
●Nakayama Gold Cup: Deep Impact’s offspring are dangerous ●Kyoto Gold Cup: “Chukyo Kinhai” is a tough 4-year-old horse ●Shinzan Kinen…You can ignore the middle-distance race group in the previous race ●Fairy S: Kingmambo-type stallion ●Aichi Hai… Upgrade challenge, promotion first battlehorse’s rush! ●Keisei Cup… Kimon no Maejo Graded Prize and course ●Nikkei New Year Cup…A head handicap of 55 kg or less ●AJCC…Stay Gold family strong! ● Tokai Stakes… disregard one slot ● Negishi Stakes… 8-year-old horses with string holes ● Silk Road Stakes… Miss Pro is useless in Chukyo?
●Tokyo Shimbun Hai…Aim for the winning horse in the previous 3-win class! ● Kisaragi Prize: Focus on performance in the previous race ● Queen Cup: Emphasis on Kinkame style ● Kyodo News Hai: 4th or lower out in 2 times? ●Kyoto Kinen…Also stay gold series ●Diamond Stakes…Link with Stayers Stakes ●Kyoto Himba Stakes…Senshiyori Mile aptitude ●February Stakes…GI for repeaters ●Ogura Grand Prize…Joined by elderly horses ●Yoshi ● Nakayama Kinen…The theory that GI horses fly ●Hankyu Hai…Death frame continues
● Ocean Stakes… From GI horses to strings ● Tulip Award… Unexpected!? JF Group ● Golden Shachi Award… GI group with a previous race of 2400m or more ● Flower C… If the previous race was this graded race, they would be annihilated ● Falcon S… The Asahi Hai group had no brains in the previous race ● Spring S… Discovery of materials for immediate elimination ! ●Hanshin Grand Prize…The Arima Memorial Team will run●Nikkei Award…The Arima Memorial Team is here too! ● Mainichi Hai… Aim for the Kyodo News Cup group ● March Stakes… Squeeze out from Sobu Stakes ● Takamatsunomiya Memorial… Admire Moon special order

Author profile
Manabu Mizukami
Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1963. Graduated from the Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo. After working as a radio program director, became a horse racing writer. Regular appearance on Fuji TV ONE “Horse Racing Tips TV!” Commentary on Radio Japan’s “Saturday horse racing live broadcast” (in charge of the afternoon). Monthly magazine “Horse Racing Genius!” His book “Bakugan Hunting! “Masked stallion” “Doubt, horse racing common sense” “Graded prize Getz! ] series (published by Shuwa System).
– Carefully selected race predictions for the next day are being distributed for a fee on the site “Horse Racing Broadcasting Station” (
・On the horse racing portal site “Keiba Lab” (, the featured horses of the next day (updated around 9:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays) and the race retrospective column (updated on Wednesdays) are now available for free.
・On the horse racing information site “Keiba JAPAN”
(, “Bakugan Anuma 3” is available for free on the morning of the race.
・ Monthly horse racing online salon where you can see predictions, columns, and irregular videos “Manabu Mizukami and Screaming Meeting”–For details, access from the QR code posted on the blog below.
 Blog URL
・YouTube channel “Mizukami Horse Racing University” updated as needed [Image 2d49716-82-0580e3396114159248f0-0.jpg&s3=49716-82-3bf9dd575f3d9dc7c8403757856d078b-472x670.jpg

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