Hot pot sour and five-colored xiao long bao are hot topics on SNS! The super popular Chinese izakaya “Fukubao Sakaba Chigasaki store” will open on December 6th (Tuesday)!

Global Ocean Co., Ltd.
Hot pot sour and five-colored xiao long bao are hot topics on SNS! The super popular Chinese izakaya “Fukubao Sakaba Chigasaki store” will open on December 6th (Tuesday)!
Chigasaki store only! Limited from 12/6 (Tue.) to 12/8 (Thu.)! 88 yen campaign for all drinks!

Global Ocean Co., Ltd., which operates restaurants, will open the “Fukuba Sakaba Chigasaki store” on Tuesday, December 6th.
We aim to open 100 Fukuba Sakaba stores nationwide.
We are looking for friends who will boost the franchise development! ※We are looking for franchise member stores at any time
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■ About Fukubao Sakaba
While maintaining the taste of the first high-end authentic Chinese restaurant, “Chinese Home Cuisine Kouen,” the brand has been developed casually.
You can eat authentic dim sum and Chinese food provided by a special grade dim sum chef at a reasonable price, and the shop is reminiscent of a local food stall.
■ A monstrous achievement that sold 19 million at a monthly sales of 19 tsubo! We are currently opening stores mainly in Yokohama and the Tokyo metropolitan area.
We are actively posting on various media and SNS.
[Hot Pot Sour] was selected as the [Summer trend word 2022 chosen by young people].
I was also interviewed by [Mezamashi TV] and [King’s Brunch]. “Hot Pot Sour” is our registered trademark.
[Trademark Registration No. 6632422]

Shibuya store:
Ikebukuro store:
-Kanagawa Prefecture
Yokohama West Exit Store: Yokohama Tsuruyacho Store: Nogesakuragicho store: Chigasaki store: ※We are looking for franchise member stores at any time
■ Opening commemorative campaign held!
Limited from 12/6 (Tue.) to 12/8 (Thu.)! We offer all drinks for 88 yen (excluding tax). Please come and visit us at this opportunity. [Image 2d102637-3-62757a9de8efe5668a88-0.jpg&s3=102637-3-b36e2a5528f13f0af27f94a9fee26360-1170x1642.jpg
■ Menu details
・Goshiki xiaolongbao ¥880 (tax included ¥968)
Our prized “five-colored xiaolongbao”! You can enjoy 5 different flavors: “shrimp (pink)”, “pork (white)”, “shark’s fin (orange)”, “chicken (green)” and “beef (purple)”! The colorful xiao long bao are sure to look great in photos. This is a dish that you should try at least once.
[Image 3d102637-3-0419880ff0d239c8c9b2-1.jpg&s3=102637-3-0998946c732497d987555503539e903b-1430x1144.jpg
・ Hot pot sour ¥ 880 (tax included ¥ 968)
“Hot pot sour” is a hot topic on SNS now! You can choose 2 out of 24 flavors, scoop them up with a ladle, and enjoy them while sharing. You can enjoy all-you-can-drink for 90 minutes per person for ¥880 (tax included ¥968).
[Image 4d102637-3-a86bfe4eaac4027a7400-2.jpg&s3=102637-3-f9f4354544c8839f69c2183edadc9f14-1430x1144.jpg
・Hupao skewer
5 ¥ 590 (tax included ¥ 649)
10 pieces ¥ 1,180 (tax included ¥ 1,298)
It was completed because there is a homemade secret soy sauce that is not open to the public.
Please enjoy our chicken skin skewers with our special sauce that is a bit different from others!
[Image 5d102637-3-ee3e2564d6537c272a8d-3.jpg&s3=102637-3-18ea3dcf8b7f804fade250e49504ef57-1479x1109.jpg
・Burning scorched! ¥1,080 (¥1,188 including tax)
Beware of flames! The burning “Chinese bean paste” loosens the burnt rice at once and creates a creamy texture.
[Image 6d102637-3-db89a0b19bd50e549a27-4.jpg&s3=102637-3-a38615e388038d1a3d7225b747a6e535-1280x1280.jpg
・Homemade grilled dumplings 4 pieces ¥390 (tax included ¥429) The grilled gyoza wrapped in the dim sum master’s original recipe is sure to get you hooked! The chewy skin and juicy bean paste will dance in your mouth!
[Image 7d102637-3-f0d6254a3e1ae443795d-5.jpg&s3=102637-3-13b7418e01bf375be11c312ee2677bd2-1430x1144.jpg

■ New store information
Store name: Gyoza Xiaolongbao Fukubao Sakaba Chigasaki
Address: 〒253-0044
5-3-2F, Shineicho, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL: 0467-39-6337
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday, Holidays: 17:00-24:00 (L.O. 23:00) / Fridays, Saturdays, the day before holidays: 17:00-26:00 (L.O. 25:00) ■Operating company
Name: Global Ocean Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoichi Sato
Location: First Place 2F, 2-7-1 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Franchise, inquiry here

-Inquiries about our store-
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