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Hotel Granvia Kyoto Reservation start for 30 meals limited to 30 meals

JR West Japan Hotels
[Hotel Granvia Kyoto] Reservation start for 30 meals limited to 30 meals New Year with gorgeous ingredients such as caviar, foie gras, and spiny lobster
Hotel Granvia Kyoto (General Manager: Shinji Sato), operated by JR West Japan Hotel Development Co., Ltd. (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, President: Masafumi Ise), is a special New Year’s dish that includes luxurious ingredients such as caviar, foie gras, and Ise shrimp. Takumi ~TAKUMI~” will be available for reservation from December 2, 2022.
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Authentic New Year’s Eve Kyo no Takumi ~TAKUMI~ 3-tiered
box/approximately 4 servings/48 items 38,000 yen (tax included) Kenichi Kashiwagi, head chef of Hotel Granvia Kyoto, who has experience at a three-star restaurant in France and has won numerous awards in culinary competitions, including the silver medal in the World Cuisine Olympics, is in charge of the Western-style menu, with a focus on French cuisine. Satoru Miura, head chef of Ukihashi and overseeing the Japanese cuisine department of Hotel Granvia Kyoto, is in charge of the Japanese menu. We have prepared a gorgeous
three-tiered Japanese-Western style box that showcases the skill of our two craftsmen. We have a lineup of menus that go well with champagne, wine, and sake to celebrate the New Year.
In addition to celebratory dishes that are essential for New Year’s Eve, the “Ichi no Jyu” devised by the master of Japanese cuisine, Miura, includes grilled spiny lobster yolk, soft boiled abalone, 1,000 layers of snow crab turnips, salmon roe pickled in soy sauce, and dried mullet roe. Gorgeous gems to color are lined up. At “Ni-no-ju”, we will prepare Kyoto-style “Nishime”, which has the taste of a combination of kombu and bonito, such as the classic menu of tiger prawns boiled, shrimp taro, and hexagonal kuwai. Each ingredient is carefully cooked one by one, so you can enjoy the essence of Japanese cuisine, bringing out the original taste of the ingredients. Invented by French master Kashiwagi, “Sanju” offers a variety of hors d’oeuvres that allow you to enjoy the harmony of the ingredients. Foie gras terrine is served with truffle-flavored jelly and raisins. Wagyu beef fillet steak is a dish that matches the rich flavor of the meat and the richness of red wine butter. A whole bottle of caviar is luxuriously prepared, so please enjoy potato pancakes with refreshing herb cream and plenty of caviar.
[Ichinoju] (16 items)
Grilled spiny lobster with egg yolk / Boiled abalone / Matsukaze / Datemaki / Pickled herring roe / Arihira kamaboko / Hammered burdock / Snow crab with 1,000 pieces of turnip / Black soybean gold leaf / How much soy sauce pickled / Sesame seeds / Boiled duck loin / Yuzu net hat / Sen Miso pickled in company chili / Karasumi / Komochi sweetfish kelp roll
[2nd weight] (16 items)
Grilled Gyosai Kyoto / Grilled Sweet bream / Grilled Eel Hachimanmaki / Grilled Kyoto Jidori Chicken / Hatsukami / Chestnut Kinton / Ichisun Mame Simmered /
Boiled (boiled prawns, shrimp taro, bamboo shoots, hexagonal kuwai, lotus root, donko shiitake mushrooms, plum Kintoki carrots, butterbur Tosa simmered, silk pods)
[Ginseng-ju] (16 items)
Caviar with a special spoon, potato pancakes, sour cream with herbs / lobster and smoked salmon with celery root and apple remoulade / charcuterie platter (pate de campagne, prosciutto cotte, chorizo, mortadella, stuffed olives, sweet Pickles) / Japanese beef fillet steak with red wine butter and Kyoto mushrooms / Foie gras terrine Truffle-flavored jelly and brioche dried fruits
[Option] Teppanyaki “Gozanbo” Kuroge Wagyu Roast Beef
The tender roast beef that has been slowly cooked is specially made by Teppanyaki “Gozanbo”. Comes with 2 kinds of sauces provided at the store, raw wasabi, and Kyoto taro salt.
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[Contents]・Roast beef 300g・Two types of sauce (garlic soy sauce/white miso)・Kyoto taro salt・fresh wasabi (grated)・garlic chips
New Year’s Eve Kyo no Takumi ~TAKUMI~ + Kuroge Wagyu Roast Beef 50,000 yen (tax included)
[Image 3d95932-189-5a71601c2657c1e40def-2.jpg&s3=95932-189-fed2567db4aec0861a0bd37ea5140b92-1500x1800.jpg
Kenichi Kashiwagi, Master Chef of French cuisine
In 2003, he won first prize at the 37th Pierre Taittinger
International Culinary Competition Japan, and third prize at the world competition held in December of the same year. He has won numerous awards, including the silver medal at the 2004 World Cuisine Olympics. [Image 4d95932-189-dbc510a4d5b211bf9686-3.jpg&s3=95932-189-4871aeb2738bebbf35ee84f332fb1c48-1500x1800.jpg
Satoru Miura, Master of Japanese Cuisine, Head Chef of Japanese Cuisine In 2013, received the Osaka Prefectural Governor’s Award for Distinguished Service in Food Hygiene. In 2015, he acquired the SSI certified sake quality appraiser (Kikisakeshi). He is the head chef of Japanese restaurants Ukihashi and Shiokoji Rakusui, and the head chef of the Japanese cuisine department at Hotel Granvia Kyoto.
Sales overview
Reservation period: Until Saturday, December 17, 2022 *Ends when supplies run out
Delivery date and time: December 31, 2022 (Sat) 10:00-17:00 *Will be delivered in a refrigerated state.
Delivery place: Hotel Granvia Kyoto 2F “Delicatessen GRANVIA” Amount of money :
(Limited to 20 servings) Kyo no Takumi – TAKUMI – Three-tiered box: 38,000 yen / JR Hotel Members: 34,200 yen
(Limited to 10 servings) Includes Kuroge Wagyu roast beef ¥50,000 / JR Hotel Members ¥45,000
-Comes with 5 sets of celebratory chopsticks, made of heavy material paper- JR-West Hotels New Sanitation Standard “Clean & Safety”
[Image 5d95932-189-6e7c1d2278f1b06edaf9-4.jpg&s3=95932-189-542cbc6bf1f0148de0cc0bdfcd155ad1-1052x591.jpg
JR West Hotels has formulated a new hygiene standard “Clean & Safety”, We strive to create an uncompromising cleanliness and hygienic environment. Reservations and inquiries for the general public
Hotel Granvia Kyoto 2F Delicatessen “GRANVIA” ​​10:00-19:00
TEL: 075-342-5207

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