Hotel New Otani Recommended for those who aim to be “one rank higher”. This year, we propose to change things up a little and “spend Christmas with Shin-Edo Western cuisine.”

New Otani Co., Ltd.
Recommended for those who aim to be “one rank higher”. This year, we propose to change things up a little and “spend Christmas with Shin-Edo Western cuisine.”
Non-standard! Make your loved ones smile with a special Christmas dinner on the top floor of the hotel

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Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)
New Edo Western Cuisine “Bella Vista”
“Bella Vista Christmas Dinner -Christmas with Shin-Edo Western Cuisine-” At Hotel New Otani (Tokyo), a Christmas dinner course with the theme of “Christmas with New Edo Western food” will be held from Friday, December 23, 2022 to December 25, 2022 ( Day) will be sold for 3 days only.
Occasionally have a different dinner, spend a special night with your loved ones December is approaching again this year, and I’m sure there are many people who are looking forward to the once-a-year Christmas. Also, this year, for the first time in six years, it will overlap with the weekend, and it is expected that the city will be more lively than usual with the glittering illuminations.
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Therefore, at Hotel New Otani (Tokyo), we will prepare a Christmas dinner for adults who are spending a leisurely time at the main dining “Bella Vista” on the top floor of the hotel, which is open to those aged 13 and over.
You can enjoy Japanese ingredients in advanced Western dishes. “Shin-Edo Western food” known by adults who are one rank higher [Image 3

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The Christmas dinner, which consists of a total of 8 dishes, has a rich flavor and sweetness, and includes the “Extreme Dashi” made with Rausu kelp and Edomae clams, which are characterized by their richness, and boar meat caught in the suburbs of Tokyo served with red wine and fond de.・We have prepared a menu that uses plenty of Edo ingredients, such as [Boso Boar Meat and Morel Mushroom Bolognese], which is carefully simmered in a bowl and combined with pasta rigatoni.
In addition, we also offer dishes such as [Steamed Abalone Carpaccio] prepared with Ezo abalone and salmon roe marinated in soy sauce, and [Charcoal-grilled marbled domestic beef and the scent of black truffle] prepared in an open kitchen on a Binchotan charcoal grill. A lineup of luxury menus suitable for We will deliver an original course to adults who enjoy their commitment.
What is Shin-Edo Western food?
“Shin-Edo Yoshoku” offers sophisticated cuisine created by combining Western cuisine such as French and Italian with Japanese techniques, using carefully selected ingredients from all over Japan, mainly in Tokyo. “Somewhere nostalgic and new”, such “Shin-Edo Western food” can be enjoyed in the main dining room on the 40th floor of the Hotel New Otani Garden Tower.
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Candles light the table and wine glasses in one hand. The glittering dining invites you to spend quality time with the night view of Tokyo unique to the top floor and original menus that can only be tasted here. How about choosing a new dinner stage that is not classic French this Christmas?
Sales overview
Bella Vista Christmas Dinner ~Christmas with Shin-Edo Western Cuisine~ Period: December 23 (Friday) to 25 (Sunday), 2022
Time: 17:30-22:00 (L.O. 20:30)
Price: ¥25,000
Reservations/Inquiries: Tel.03-3238-0020 (Direct to Bella Vista) *The contents of the menu may change depending on the availability of ingredients.
*The use is limited to customers over the age of 13.

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