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How to Co., Ltd. Released a service that allows you to easily diagnose your favorite engagement ring on the of ficial LINE of “How to Mary”!

How to Co., Ltd.
Released a service that allows you to easily diagnose your favorite engagement ring on the official “How to Mary” LINE!
Easy fashion in 60 seconds, detailed diagnosis from the skeleton! You can check recommended famous brand rings.

How to Mary (official website: will release a service that allows you to easily diagnose your favorite engagement ring on the official line.
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How to Marie Easy Ring Diagnosis
How-to-Mary Official Line Easy Engagement Ring Diagnosis
Background of function addition

As a result of conducting its own user survey at How-To Co., Ltd., there are more and more voices, mainly from young people in their 20s, saying, “I don’t know much about ring brands, and I don’t know what suits me because I don’t have a brand I admire.” I knew there was In the previous generation, there were many men and women of marriageable age who wanted to get married with a ring from a famous foreign-affiliated brand. We have developed a service that solves the problem of “I don’t know what suits you” and that you can enjoy choosing a ring by getting interested in the ring.
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Diagnosis result screen
Service introduction
Please press the official line menu and ask a few questions. We ask you to select the one that applies to you based on your fashion trends and lifestyle preferences, and then combine your skeletal type to produce 20 different diagnostic results.
There are five fashion types: “Elegant”, “Simple”, “Gorgeous”, “Cute” and “Mode”. The skeletal type is diagnosed in four ways: “plump,” “strong,” “slender,” and “slender.”
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When you jump to the result page, we explain in detail what kind of ring suits you, and whether a larger diamond suits you or not. In addition, we have picked up 6 recommended rings from famous brands. (You can also jump to the actual ring page from the link)
Since it can be shared immediately on Twitter, it is possible to share and enjoy with friends and partners.
Future prospects
First of all, we are currently only diagnosing engagement rings, but we plan to develop a diagnosis for wedding rings as well.
Furthermore, although there are currently 20 types of diagnostic results, we would like to be able to prepare diagnostic results that are closer to each individual. I would like to make it a service that is close to users, such as personal color, gender, and budget. About “How to Marry”
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Marriage information site “How to Mary” is a media that provides services that are close to users under the slogan “Make Japan a country full of love than anywhere else.”
In particular, we conduct detailed investigations on wedding rings and engagement rings, and even detailed questions and concerns are summarized in articles.
Since the site opened in September 2014, the number of users has increased steadily, reaching 4 million PV last month.
We research more persistently than anywhere else, and send useful information to people who are about to get married through article writing and SNS.
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