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“How to create a fun future” class for high school students at Protian Career Education

“How to create a fun future” class for high school students at Protian Career Education
-Jointly held with Jinjibu Co., Ltd.-

Protean Career Association (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Kennosuke Tanaka, Toru Ariyama, hereinafter referred to as “this Association”) has developed a “modern version of PROTEAN Career Education” class for middle and high school students nationwide. Correspondence High School Giren High School Matsumi High School in Saitama Prefecture (Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture, Chairman: Iwane Matsui, hereinafter Matsumi High School) High School 1st grade on October 24, 2022 (Monday), December 2 I would like to inform you that we held a PROTEAN Career Education for second graders on Sunday (Friday).
This class was made possible through the introduction of Ginjibu Co., Ltd. (head office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, CEO: Mitsuhide Sasaki, hereinafter referred to as “Ginjibu”), which had already conducted career guidance classes at our school several times. [Protian Career Association is accepting applications for free classes] Click here for details and application:
[Image 1

Class outline “How to make a fun future” (common to both days) [Image 2

Participating students: Approximately 25 students from high school 1st and 2nd (Hybrid implementation of face-to-face and online)
Participating instructors: A total of 11 people Takahito Inoue, Takuya Umehara (Ginjibu), Mitsuhiro Okabe, Akiko Kubonai, Otomi Kuroiwa, Seiji Kobayashi, Yuki Tsuji, Koichiro Nakamura, Tomomi Furuya, Katsuhiko Mita, Koji Yamamoto
Contents: ■Part 1: Identity and Adaptability (1 hour) Explanation of Protian theory for high school students. It is important to value what you like, and how you can build your own career in line with the fact that society will change dramatically in just a few years.
■ Part 2: Let’s listen to adults
A round-table discussion was held with adults who have made various mistakes while using the lifeline chart. Each person’s career story, the meaning of failure, what you want to aim for in the future, etc.

Comment from Tomoaki Saito, Acting Principal of Matsumi Gakuen High School At our school, we hold a career class every week in a class called “Problem Research” in which we invite working adults. was the challenge. In addition, I thought it necessary to have an opportunity to think about my career from the early stage of entering high school, so I asked high school 1st and 2nd grade students to teach. This time, 11 adults showed us various ways of working based on lifeline charts with ups and downs. “Even grown-ups are worried about their careers and family problems, and they consult with someone. The career path is my own, but I don’t have to carry it on my own.” Also, I felt that identity is not about comparing yourself to others, but how you can find “likes” within yourself, and that this is the basis of your identity.
Impressions of students who took the course (partial excerpt) ■I listened to many stories from many adults, and it was a time when I felt positive little by little with various thoughts and ideas, such as “I might be okay” and “Let’s cherish what we like.” Among them, the phrase “Continuity is power” really stuck with me today. I often feel depressed, so I thought it would be nice if I could live each day with a strong sense of self and confidence. The goal is to do it steadily even if it is small. And I want to be a person who can reward myself. ■I was able to spend two hours happily listening to many wonderful stories. When I think that all the adults here will be on my side, and that they will accept whatever I think, I feel a tremendous sense of security and trust, and I think that I will be the person I am now. I wondered if there was no need to carry it on my own.
■Since I don’t have many opportunities to interact with adults, it was a very valuable opportunity. When I listened to their stories, I felt a little more at ease knowing that I was worried about university, changed jobs, and thought about many things even when I entered society, and that I could change. I still have a long way to go, and I want to do my best without thinking too much.
■I had a talk that would benefit me in the future. The story was very easy to understand for adults who have experienced various things, and it came into my head smoothly. Looking back on the class, I felt that “courage to take a step forward” is important. It’s okay if you fail! I want to move on with my life.
Kennosuke Tanaka, Representative Director of the
Association/Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University [Image 3

PROTEAN CAREER EDUCATION is closely related to the future of each student. Living in your own way = confirming and reconfirming your identity, while acquiring adaptability = the power not to be tossed about by social changes. Protian, which is the latest knowledge of independent career formation, will be the next generation’s “heart charm” for living in the future.
What the Protian Association-certified “teachers” wanted to convey to the students was that everyone has experienced various failures. It’s just that failure is the energy of growth for the future. By accepting the past, we can look at the present and move forward into the future. PROTEAN CAREER EDUCATION is a behavioral change method that draws out and develops the potential of each student. The students, who stared at their own careers and talked about their futures with their “teachers,” must have been very active. The Protian Career Association will continue to do its utmost to support all the students who are the treasures of this country.
[About the PROTEAN Career Association]
Overview Location: Shinjuku Washington Hotel Building Main Building 2F, 3-2-9 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business overview: Organizational development support, corporate training, career qualification management for individuals, media and community management
Representative Director: Kennosuke Tanaka (Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University) / Toru Ariyama (CEO, 4designs Inc.) Established: March 2020
Association website:
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