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Howa Kogyo Co., Ltd. Founded in 1965 Howa Kogyo, an underground power line construction company, has started new initiatives from business succession and construction of a new company building

Howa Industry Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1965 Howa Kogyo, an underground power line construction company, started new initiatives from business succession and construction of a new company building

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Howa Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kei Murakami / Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo / hereinafter “our company” / has announced that as a new initiative associated with business succession and construction of a new building, In order to enhance well-being in the work environment, we have set up a multi-purpose floor (multi-purpose hall, training space, wooden deck balcony, etc.) and a changing room for “easy work”. -Multipurpose hall-
[Image 2d111527-2-dc652697f465f33c2788-4.jpg&s3=111527-2-4d15d76f17fbf75fcfc15d45e288d3ee-3900x2925.jpg

It is designed as a space that can be used not only for in-house conference rooms and training, but also for social gatherings and parties. In the future, we would like to use it as a place for community activities for young employees and female civil engineers, involving business partners and partners.
-Training space-
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As part of our efforts to promote health management, we have set up a training space exclusively for employees.
-Wood Deck Balcony-
[Image 4d111527-2-118b24eaf1d09b4c2e31-7.jpg&s3=111527-2-ffba5da5c8697085741d89af3992ac8c-3900x2925.jpg
A balcony is installed as a place for employees to relax. It can also be used as a barbeque in the summer and as a work space during normal times.
Dressing room for “ease of work”
We are actively hiring new graduates and female employees (including civil engineers), and it has become a changing room that seeks consideration for their personal appearance and ease of work. Each changing room has a shower room, washbasin, nap space, and washing machine. A dryer is also installed on the first floor. After the end of business, we take care so that you can go to private time immediately.
Other initiatives
1. Separate men’s and women’s restrooms and barrier-free restrooms on each floor 2. Elevator installation
3. IH kitchen space on each floor
4. Installation of aroma diffusers on each floor (our own scent is under development)
Comments from the CEO
In June 2022, I was appointed as the representative director, and in November of the same year, I started working at the new building. In the 58 years since our founding, we have been working to create a new form of construction industry that is not bound by conventional stereotypes, while cherishing the spirit of “Construction Jinwa (Construction is the creation of one thing by people working together).” We would like to move forward. We will continue to push forward to “create a prosperous and bright future for Japan”. About Howa Industry Co., Ltd.
Howa Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a prime contractor specializing in civil engineering work for underground cables. Since our founding in 1965, we have endeavored to expand urban functions, such as removing, relocating, and designing new underground high-voltage lines. In 2022, the new president will be appointed and the new building will be completed at the same time, and we are implementing initiatives for the new era. With the founding spirit in mind, we aim to become a 100-year company that can bring happiness to all those involved in Howa Industry under the mottos of “Construction and Human Harmony” and “Beloved Contractor, Sincere Work”.
【Company Profile】
Trade name: Howa Industry Co., Ltd.
Established: September 11, 1965
Capital: 40,000 thousand yen
Number of employees: 40
Business description:
Underground power line construction / underground line construction design work / work efficiency study work (productivity doubling project)

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