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Howa Kogyo Co., Ltd. Howa Kogyo Co., Ltd., an underground power line construction company, completed a new office building.

Howa Industry Co., Ltd.
Howa Kogyo Co., Ltd., an underground power line construction company, completed a new office building.

Howa Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kei Murakami / Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo / hereinafter “our company” / completed the new headquarters building on October 31, 2022. We will let you know.
-New company building-
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Background of the construction of the new company building
The old prefabricated office building was built 40 years ago, so the building was aging and there were concerns about safety. In addition, the biggest purpose was to change the image of our company and the civil engineering company by renewing our corporate structure through the business succession scheduled for the next fiscal year, and to improve the well-being of our employees.
From Conception to Completion
There have been plans to rebuild the company building for a long time, but full-scale design will start in March 2021. In November 2021, we asked Yuken Komuten Co., Ltd., a local Ota Ward company, to rebuild our office building in Omori Minami 1-chome, Ota Ward, and completed it in October 2022.

[Image 2d111527-1-9a746465d6298fd8eeef-1.jpg&s3=111527-1-076891211e0aa4030c1d3bd8bd407874-1491x993.jpg
-Business space-
[Image 3d111527-1-f93f686b6722c03d0215-2.jpg&s3=111527-1-2fa50297e019ec0b8407631da7959be9-2048x1536.jpg
Property Description
Architect: Howa Industry Co., Ltd.
Construction site: 1-18-8 Omoriminami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Total floor area: 713.03 square meters
Contractor: Yuken Construction Co., Ltd.
Completion: October 31, 2022
About Howa Industry Co., Ltd.
Howa Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a prime contractor specializing in civil engineering work for underground cables. Since our founding in 1965, we have endeavored to expand urban functions, such as removing, relocating, and designing new underground lines for high-voltage lines. In 2022, the new president will be appointed and the new building will be completed at the same time, and we are implementing initiatives for the new era. With the founding spirit in mind, we aim to be a 100-year company that can bring happiness to all those involved in Howa Industry under the mottos of “Construction and Human Harmony” and “Beloved Contractor, Sincere Work”.
【Company Profile】
Trade name: Howa Industry Co., Ltd.
Established: September 11, 1965
Capital: 40,000 thousand yen
Number of employees: 40
Business description:
Underground power line construction / underground line construction design work / work efficiency study work (productivity doubling project)

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