HRForce Co., Ltd. Snowflake Marketplace, HR Force publishes use cases as an introduction company in the HR industry

HRForce Co., Ltd.
Snowflake Marketplace, HR Force Publishes Use Cases as Adopter for HR Industry
HR Force Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yasuko Murata; hereinafter referred to as HR Force) is a data cloud platform provided by Snowflake (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hidetoshi Tojo; hereinafter referred to as Snowflake). We will publish examples of utilization in the HR industry.
■ Purpose of introduction
Building a high security environment and consolidating data
HR Force acquires and analyzes a large amount of information on a daily basis in order to improve the value of services provided to customers.
Recruiting Cloud, a job advertisement operation tool provided by our company, acquires a huge amount of recruitment market data such as job data and applicant data. Since the data to be handled requires a high security environment, we have introduced Snowflake, which enables data management at a higher level than the conventional security
Marketing use of data
We obtain external data that cannot be obtained by our company alone through data provided by more than 1539*1 data providers on the “Snowflake Marketplace”. In fact, Prepper Open Data Bank, which is published by “Prepper”, a service that supplies processed data provided by truestar Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Toshihisa Fuji) and aims to improve the efficiency of data preparation We acquire geographic information and demographic data from Yahoo! (*1) As of July 31, 2022
The “Snowflake Marketplace” provided by Snowflake enables direct access to data, rapid data discovery, and safe and cost-effective data utilization through an innovative approach. The Snowflake Marketplace also simplifies the sharing, collaboration, and commodification of data, data services, and applications, unlocking entirely new monetization and enhanced insights in the data cloud. By aggregating and centrally managing recruiting market data, marketing data, customer data, and data acquired from outside the company on Snowflake, data silos are prevented, and faster and more accurate marketing utilization and customer delivery are possible. We aim to provide value.
■ HR Force utilization case summary
Issues I had
・There is a place to consolidate the data necessary for marketing strategies and improving the value provided to customers, such as customer data held, job and applicant data that can be obtained from Recruiting Cloud, demographics, geography, and retail store data that can be obtained from outside. It was scattered throughout the company, and it took a lot of man-hours to analyze and share
・Conventional databases have limited capacity to aggregate a huge amount of recruitment market data and job posting data, and it is necessary to leave logs using multiple tools, and it is necessary to ensure stronger security for business expansion. was there.
Unnecessary marketing costs were incurred due to the inability to properly exclude business targets included in the house list Effects of introduction
・With the introduction of Snowflake, which can store huge amounts of data, the location of data aggregation has been unified, making it possible to analyze, utilize, and share data across departments and databases. As a result, we can plan marketing strategies based on data and make optimal proposals to customers.
・Data can be managed at a higher level than the conventional security environment
・Aggregating corporate data published by public institutions, etc., matching it with the house list, scrutinizing the list of business targets, and successfully reducing the monthly cost of about 300,000 yen
■ Comments from HR Force staff
We believe that it is important to provide optimal information to our customers as soon as possible, as we aim to solve the recruitment issues of small and medium-sized enterprises. With the introduction of Snowflake, we have been able to aggregate statistical data that we could not obtain on our own, and have been able to formulate more appropriate marketing strategies than before. In the future, in addition to collectively managing, analyzing, and utilizing
recruitment market data acquired from more than 150 media linked with Recruiting Cloud, we will utilize data acquired from the Snowflake marketplace to help companies with recruitment issues. We will provide appropriate value.
▷ Click here for details on Recruiting Cloud:
■Company profile
Company name: HR Force Co., Ltd. | Funai Soken Holdings (TSE Prime) 100% subsidiary
Representative Director: Yasuko Murata
Established: February 2018
Business description: Direct recruiting business
Capital: 64,000,000 yen
(Marunouchi Office) 1-6-6 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Nippon Life Marunouchi Building 21F
(Hamamatsucho Office) PMO Hamamatsucho 9F, 2-5-5 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo Company HP:

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