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HYBE JAPAN Co., Ltd. HYBE LABELS JAPAN’s first global group & TEAM Finally made their global debut today with their Debut EP “First Howling: ME”!

HYBE LABELS JAPAN’s first global group &TEAM Finally made their global debut today with their Debut EP “First Howling: ME”!

[Image 1d45862-197-a09bbecc10986c0e4798-0.jpg&s3=45862-197-382181c51174132ed926520eb72f7b95-3900x2601.jpg
HYBE is home to world-famous artists such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande. HYBE LABELS JAPAN’s first global group &TEAM under the Japanese headquarters HYBE JAPAN has finally debuted today.
& TEAM was born from the audition program “& AUDITION – The Howling -” in which Mr. Bang Si Hyuk, the creator of BTS, acted as a special advisor. After the debut members were decided on September 3, they have expanded their activities in various fields, such as appearing on regular terrestrial TV programs, appearing on famous music programs, and covering fashion magazines.
The MV for the title song “Under the skin” of the debut EP “First Howling: ME” released today, December 7th (Wednesday) has become a hot topic with the appearance of Japan’s leading actor Kentaro Sakaguchi. On the day of its release on November 22nd, it entered the YouTube charts in 6 countries/regions, including Finland, Paraguay, and Bolivia. It is attracting attention from all over the world, such as exceeding times.
And tomorrow, December 8th (Thursday), a debut commemorative showcase event will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium! It has also been decided that the event will be streamed live all over the world on the official YouTube channel “HYBE LABELS”
(, and the moment of global debut will be shared with fans all over the world. We are preparing the stage.
Please look forward to the future activities of &TEAM.
A global group consisting of 9 members EJ, FUMA, K, NICHOLAS, YUMA, JO, HARUA, TAKI, and MAKI belonging to HYBE LABELS JAPAN. Connected from different starting points, they have the intention of “9 people with different personalities will become one team and connect diverse worlds”.
Based on the power of solidarity, they are positive and full of energy, aiming for further growth and running toward tomorrow. See below for details on the debut EP and debut showcase.
-Member Profile-
[Image 2d45862-197-dcc4e882408471d29e49-2.jpg&s3=45862-197-2709263ae37aa84162c7727d9dafa23d-1800x2700.jpg
▲ EJ (born September 7, 2002)
[Image 3d45862-197-95874973ae81ef02afe4-1.jpg&s3=45862-197-679280d31509762a78fa48bb1d5a4506-1800x2700.jpg
▲ FUMA (born June 29, 1998)
[Image 4d45862-197-06b817407a42a93d7ee1-8.jpg&s3=45862-197-4551a4100f36da76940171074b23a437-1801x2700.jpg
▲ K (born October 21, 1997)
[Image 5d45862-197-2e763f865d735de36e62-9.jpg&s3=45862-197-c1a37d82ffeaf16de9d3747d686f25d6-1800x2700.jpg
▲ NICHOLAS (born July 9, 2002)
[Image 6d45862-197-dd814f351d5bc84a2ff0-5.jpg&s3=45862-197-f31e9be26199282acab7a808543828c8-1801x2700.jpg
▲ YUMA (born February 7, 2004)
[Image 7d45862-197-06a9cfa79a9b0feba2be-4.jpg&s3=45862-197-b31a01c2ff43377760862a7dfce4b930-1800x2700.jpg
▲ JO (born July 8, 2004)
[Image 8d45862-197-7efe3f01cb0a3c2b6575-6.jpg&s3=45862-197-683ad6190a7050f637a328634ed7f2b9-1800x2700.jpg
▲ Harua (May 1, 2005)
[Image 9d45862-197-85983dd25949ec15cbb6-10.jpg&s3=45862-197-d99aad32de6a35e1e057e0e60eb42a1f-1801x2700.jpg
▲ TAKI (born May 4, 2005)
[Image 10d45862-197-76ff64581a89208b59c1-7.jpg&s3=45862-197-502144b8b39f83f8384d2d2043c571a9-1800x2700.jpg
▲ MAKI (born February 17, 2006)
Photo credit: (C) HYBE LABELS JAPAN
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