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Hyogo Prefecture Information Policy Division “Teaching ‘how to teach smartphones'” ‘Smart Hyogo Supporter Training Course Practical Edition’ (Second half) start accepting applications

Hyogo Prefecture Information Policy Division
“We will teach you how to use smartphones” “Smart Hyogo Supporter Training Course Practical Edition” (Second half) now accepting applications
-A program in Hyogo Prefecture that promotes mutual teaching in the region to eliminate the digital divide-

In Hyogo Prefecture, in order to eliminate the digital divide, we will promote mutual teaching in the region and develop human resources who can consult with us about the use of administrative services on smartphones. 2015), we will recruit participants as follows. We will continue to recruit for the on-demand “basic version”. All courses are free of charge.
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Role-playing at the Himeji venue for the practical edition held in November 2022

Explain how to teach when asked, “Can you teach me how to use a smartphone?” About two years have passed since the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and now that new lifestyles have become commonplace, services using smartphones are increasing, regardless of whether they are public or private.
In Hyogo Prefecture, with the aim of becoming a “Smart Hyogo” where anyone can use such services, we will use smartphones on a daily basis and receive advice from and teach elderly people how to use
smartphones. We will hold a “Smart Hyogo Supporter Training Course” for those who are interested (limited to those who live or work in the prefecture).
In addition, there are also cases where community activities that were traditionally held at community centers are being conducted online using apps such as LINE and Zoom. For those who want to try such activities, we will also explain “advanced usage” such as the basics of LINE and Zoom and how to use them.
Smart Hyogo Supporter Training Course (Basics)
Format: On-demand delivery
Participation fee: Free
Capacity: None
Overview: Explains basic smartphone operations, such as how to turn on the smartphone, and points when teaching each other.
1 Treatment of the elderly
2 Basic smartphone operation
3 Daily use of smartphones
4 Security and safety of smartphones
Smart Hyogo Supporter Training Course (Practical Edition)
Format: Venue held (2 days)
Participation fee: Free
Capacity: About 10 people at each venue (up to 20 people)
Overview: Practice the teaching methods learned in the basics through role-playing.
1 role playing
2 Zoom experience
3 Daily use of smartphones
4 Safe and secure smartphone use
5 How to use LINE
6 Smartphone application operation
7 Use of administrative services
[Table 2: ]

How to apply
From the event details page
( Please fill in the necessary information and apply by (1) Web form (2) E-mail ( or (3) FAX (078-362-3931). ・A URL for viewing the basic version will be sent to the email address registered at the time of application at a later date.
・Practice will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
* Applications are limited to those who live or work in the prefecture. Details about this release:

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