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I-CHAIN ​​JAPAN Co., Ltd. Report Dogma Rabbit × “THIN COOK”

[Report] Dogma Rabbit × “THIN COOK”

Today, I asked the members of Dogma Rabbit to use “THIN COOK” and enjoy a hot pot party.
[Image 1d104774-12-b84ff4989adcf0f5c0d7-0.jpg&s3=104774-12-e03d7a866cd37723781c3291c66cd9d6-1920x1080.jpg
Please forgive me for the lack of photos of their faces this time. This time, I will mainly post photos that focus on “THIN COOK”. ■ A dial that can be operated intuitively
Easy temperature control with one dial operation
[Image 2d104774-12-f8b5f14ca42ed6cae1b6-2.jpg&s3=104774-12-c9e1df6ec95e2709593313bd630bbf9c-1920x1080.jpg
■ Overwhelming thin body
The thin body makes it easy to see through at the dining table. [Image 3d104774-12-302a4365de6192fa48a0-1.jpg&s3=104774-12-5132ccdd3498a745b8c309b82dbac2b0-1920x1080.jpg
No worries about exhaust heat and exhaust noise
Silent design that does not interfere with the time of gathering. I didn’t have to worry about exhaust heat.
[Image 4d104774-12-615fb1e9bb4204d5429e-4.jpg&s3=104774-12-7d323bb8886b46c566c3802b44e51c84-1920x1080.jpg
■ Thin body for easy storage
Contributes to saving space for storage
[Image 5d104774-12-ad5ca36266f4084a5d16-3.jpg&s3=104774-12-144d01a062046eecc8d3e5c3c2b2e336-1920x1080.jpg
■Dogma Rabbit
“Dogma Rabbit” is a new-age idol project that combines gamers and idols. A group of genuinely game-loving women gathered together and are active while sharing a house.
・TikTok ・Instagram
◇ Product overview
・Product name: THIN COOK
・Rated power consumption: Maximum 1400w
・Product dimensions: Width 28 cm x Depth 35 cm x Height 2.3 cm ・Weight: about 4000g
・Power supply: AC100V (50/60Hz)
・Model number: IC-THC01-BK
・Fire control
Cooking: 9 levels (thermal power) equivalent to 80w to 1400w Fried food cooking: 9 levels (oil temperature) about 150°C to about 200°C ・ Release date: November 2022
I-CHAIN ​​JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Details about this release:

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