Ichinoyu Co., Ltd. Enjoy the taste of winter Start selling “Fugu sashimi plan” where you can enjoy the a ppearance and taste

Ichinoyu Co., Ltd.
[Taste the taste of winter] Start selling “Fugu sashimi plan” where you can enjoy the appearance and taste
Authentic fugu sashimi from Shimonoseki at a reasonable price
“Ichinoyu Co., Ltd.” (head office: Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture; CEO: Takaya Ogawa, founded in 1630), which operates hot spring inns in Hakone, offers “Fugu-sashi We will sell a plan with.
■ Enjoy the extremely fresh fugu sashimi from Shimonoseki, Prefecture Speaking of winter classic sashimi, it’s blowfish sashimi. We will sell a plan using puffer fish from Shimonoseki, which is popular every year. Not only does it have an elegant taste, but the fugu sashimi served on a large plate is also pleasing to look at. This plan is a plan that you can enjoy not only fugu sashimi but also Yonezawa beef grilled shabu-shabu pot that we have been offering since autumn this year. This plan is perfect for those who think that the regular menu may not be enough. Please enjoy the taste of winter at Ichinoyu. ■What is Yonezawa beef grilled shabu-shabu?
Yonezawa Beef is a brand of beef produced in the Okitama area of ​​Yamagata Prefecture. It has a good balance of lean meat and fat, and the texture that melts the moment you put it in your mouth is irresistibly delicious. You can enjoy Yonezawa beef rib roast (A-5 rank) with a hot pot where you can enjoy both grilled and shabu-shabu.

[Image 1

Fugu sashimi plan
[Image 2

Creative Japanese food standard plan (image)
■ Click here for inns where you can enjoy the “fugu sashimi plan”  https://bit.ly/3VBITVY
・Tonosawa Ichinoyu Honkan: From 13,519 yen
・Sengokuhara Susukinohara Ichinoyu [Main Building/Annex] From 19,019 yen ・Hakoneji Kaiun: from 14,850 yen
Accommodation period: December 12, 2022 (Monday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) *This plan is a one-night, two-board plan.
*Prices are per person (tax included, bath tax excluded) when two people stay in one room.
*Photo is for 2 people.
■ [Ichinoyu Co., Ltd.]
Centered on the long-established hot spring inn “Ichinoyu Honkan”, which was founded in the 7th year of the Kan’ei era, we currently operate 10 inns and hotels in Hakone (Hakone Yumoto, Tonosawa, Sengokuhara, Lake Ashinoko). The management philosophy is to “change the common sense of accommodation and propose the richness of daily life through accommodation” through “value that is one step ahead” and “innovation and evolution”. For this reason, the entire company is united in thinking that we want to move forward together with our customers.
・2008: Awarded the 4th “High Service 300 Selection” (sponsored by Service Industry Productivity Council)
・2015: Received the 6th “Kanagawa Tourism Award” (sponsored by Kanagawa Prefecture)
・2018: Winner of the 4th Japan Tourism Awards (sponsored by the Japan Tourism Promotion Association)
【Company Profile】
・Company name Ichinoyu Co., Ltd.
・Representative Representative Director Takaya Ogawa
・Capital 11,000,000 yen
・Founded in 1630 (founded 392 years ago)
・Location 90 Tounosawa, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture 250-0315
・TEL 0460-85-6655
・URL https://www.ichinoyu.co.jp/
・Hakone Ichinoyu Online Shop https://ichinoyu.shop/
・ Official Instagram ichinoyu_group  https://www.instagram.com/ichinoyu_group/ ・ Italian kitchen “Roots inn the Box” Official Instagram
・Italian kitchen “Roots inn the Box” HP https://rootsinnthebox.studio.site/ ・Official Twitter @ICHINOYU_HAKONE https://twitter.com/ICHINOYU_HAKONE ・ Official LINE https://lin.ee/jtAVPX8
・Email Via the “Inquiry” form on the official website
・Business content Chain management of hot spring inns
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