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IGG Mythic Heroes, release commemorative live broadcast report released! !

Mythic Heroes release live broadcast report! !

IGG (Group CEO: Zongjian Cai, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Japan location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), a global manufacturer of game apps for smartphones, will broadcast live just before the release of the neglected mythical RPG “Mythic Heroes” on December 20 (Tuesday). held. Chuni, Tarzan Babazono, Tsunko, and Risa Spinoki were invited as MCs to share how to enjoy the game and event information.
Mythic Heroes Release Commemorative Live Broadcast!
■ Delivery date and time
December 20 (Tue) 20:00-
■ Delivery URL
First of all, we will introduce the live broadcast limited Twitter campaign! During the live broadcast, we will deliver gifts to those who tweet with a specific hashtag.
Luxurious prizes such as iPad Pro, Mishihiro original keyboard, Amazon gift card, signature colored paper of super gorgeous voice actor, autographed clear file, etc.
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[Image 3

Introducing the live broadcast program!
[Image 4

Chapter.1 Sanctuary Landing
Introducing the basic operation and how to enjoy the game
We will show you how to enjoy Mishihiro while using the actual machine! Since it is a neglected breeding RPG, even those who are busy every day will proceed with the game without permission.
Check the points below and enjoy the game together!
Point 1. Recommended heroes for training
Heroes you can get in tutorials and heroes you can get with login bonuses introduced.
[Image 5

[Image 6

In the chat of the viewers, there were many voices such as
“Nobunaga-sama~” and “cool”, and many voices with a high degree of favorability towards the hero were received!
In addition, Tsunko-san cosplayed as Tamamo-no-mae, and received comments such as “Amazing” and “Beautiful”!
[Image 7

Point 2. Earn rewards by leaving
Even if you leave it alone, you can get a lot of rewards.
[Image 8

Point 3. Various events for each season
Winter event in progress. You can get rewards by participating in the event! [Image 9

Chapter.2 Heroes of all ages and countries
Introduce heroes that could not be told in the last broadcast [Image 10

While listening to the voice of each hero, we introduced the heroes. Also, Mr. Risa Tsumugi actually dubbed for us!
Chapter.3 Saigami Information
Mishihiro breaking news! Introducing in-game events
[Image 11