IGG Mythic Heroes, release commemorative live broadcast will be delivered on December 20th (Tuesday)! A luxurious gift campaign limited to live broadcasts!

Mythic Heroes, release commemorative live broadcast on December 20th (Tuesday)! A luxurious gift campaign limited to live broadcasts!
IGG (Group CEO: Zongjian Cai, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Japan location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), a global manufacturer of game apps for smartphones, will hold a live broadcast commemorating the release of the neglected mythical RPG “Mythic Heroes” on December 20 (Tuesday). We will announce the distribution.
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Live broadcast just before the release of Mythic Heroes!
■ Delivery date and time
December 20 (Tue) 20:00-
■ Delivery URL

■Performers (in no particular order)
・In the middle of the day
[Image 2

・Tarzan Babaen
[Image 3

[Image 4

・Mr. Spinoki
[Image 5

■ Main broadcast content
In the live broadcast, guests will be able to talk about the charm of “Mishihiro”, such as the story and characters, while actually playing the game.
In addition, we will hold a limited campaign on Twitter during the live broadcast. Don’t miss the chance to win super luxury prizes such as autographed colored paper of super gorgeous voice actors, tablets, gift cards, etc. by lottery!
■Limited during live broadcast! Super luxurious gift contents ★ A total of 81 people will receive an Amazon gift card by lottery! ・ Amazon gift card for 34,900 yen x 1 person
・Apple Gift Card / Google Play Gift Card 10,000 yen x 10 people ・ Amazon gift card worth 3,000 yen x 20 people
・Amazon gift card worth 1,000 yen x 50 people
★ A total of 10 people will be given a signed colored paper by a super gorgeous voice actor by lottery!
・ Aladdin: Yu Omoto x 1 person
・ The role of Artemis: Kaori Nazuka x 1 person
・ The role of Izanami: Risa Tsumugi x 1 person
・ The role of Isis: Haruna Momo x 1 person
・ The role of Saiobo: Natomi Yamada x 1 person
・ The role of Dangun: Yusuke Shirai x 1 person
・ Hecate role: Rie Takahashi x 1 person
・ Medusa role: Anna Yamaki x 1 person
・ The role of a snow woman: Fuka Osawa x 1 person
・ The role of Lilith: Kana Hanazawa x 1 person
★ A total of 15 people will be given a clear file signed by the performers by lottery!
・ Tarzan Babazono x 5 people
・ Chuni-san x 5 people
・ Tsunko-san x 5 people
★ One lucky winner will receive a very popular product by lottery! ・iPad Pro 12.9 inch 128GB Wi-Fi model
★ Mishihiro goods will be presented to a total of 8 people by lottery! ・ Assortment of goods x 5 people
・Keyboard x 3 people
*This campaign is provided by IGG SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. Amazon does not accept inquiries regarding this campaign. Please contact the IGG SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. campaign office [help.mythicheroes.apple@igg.com]. *Amazon, Amazon.co.jp and their logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.
Overview of “Mythic Heroes”
Title: Mythic Heroes
Genre: Idle mythical RPG
Price: Basic free (with item charge)
Release: Scheduled for December 2022
IGG is a global mobile online game development and publishing company established in 2006. In addition to its Singapore headquarters, it currently has branch offices in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Turkey, Dubai, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil, and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HongKong Stock: 0799). Over 40 mobile, browser and client-based online games in 23 languages ​​for players in over 200 countries around the world. Popular titles include “Lord Mobile,” “Time Princess,” “Mobile Royale,” “Mythic Heroes,” and “Castle Clash.” Details about this release:


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