Ilhan Phandi joins KMSK Danes Albirex Niigata Singapore

Ilhan Phandi joins KMSK Danes Albirex Niigata Singapore
Concluded a comprehensive partnership between clubs, mainly for training young players

KMSK Deinze (local name: KMSK Deinze), which belongs to the second division of the Belgian professional league, has formed a
comprehensive partnership with Albirex Niigata Singapore for the purpose of expanding football business that connects Europe and Asia. ) to inform you that you have won

KMSK Danes and its owner, ACA Football Partners (ACAFP), operate on a global scale to maximize the potential value of football. As a big step to connect Asia and Europe, we have formed a comprehensive partnership with Albirex Niigata Singapore to promote exchanges between the two clubs, and have acquired Ilhan Phandi, who is also selected for the Singapore national team. . The player is scheduled to join the team from January 2023, and content that follows the challenge at Danes will be distributed from time to time on the video distribution service “PlaysiaTV” operated by ACAFP.
KMSK Danes accepts 15-year-old players for training for about two months in partnership with PVF Academy in Vietnam, and also announced partnership with Futurosport, one of the largest facilities in Belgium, expanding academy-related business. Through this partnership, Albirex Niigata Singapore’s academy players will receive training in Belgium, and we plan to provide opportunities for step-up players who will lead the future. In addition, we will build a comprehensive cooperative relationship with an eye on exchanges among the top teams, including building a network of scouting teams.
■ Comment from Ilhan Fandy
“I would like to thank KMSK Danes for their interest and enthusiasm, and for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity. It’s pie.” Comment from Daisuke Korenaga, Chairman of Albirex Niigata Singapore “I am very happy that the transfer of Ilhan Phandy has been completed. I believe that this transfer has the potential to be a major turning point for Singapore football.
At the 2022 World Cup, 19 of the 26 players selected for the Japanese national team were active in Europe. Then, we beat the powerhouses Germany and Spain and advanced to the round of 16. I think that the experience of the players in Europe is useful. Similarly, with more Singaporean players active in Europe, the Singapore national team is expected to improve. I feel that this partnership has promoted people-to-people exchanges between Singapore and Europe, and has shown concrete career paths for the young players who will be responsible for Singapore’s future football. I hope that Singapore will become a more competitive football world in the future. ”
Comment from Hiroyuki Ono, CEO of ACA Football Partners and owner of KMSK Danes “We are very happy to welcome Ilhan, a promising star of Singaporean football world, to KMSK Danes and to be able to work together with Albirex Niigata Singapore. , is growing under the stimulation of Belgium every day.Soccer is very popular in Singapore, and I feel that the partnership with Danes is significant in providing opportunities for Asian players to gain new experiences.Ilhan In addition to the success of the academy, I am looking forward to developing measures to connect Europe and Asia, including cooperation between academies.” player profile
Ilhan Fandy (20) FW
Born November 8, 2002, from Singapore
Team History: i2i Football Academy → Young Lions → Albirex Niigata Singapore National Team History: U16 Singapore National Team / U23 Singapore National Team / Singapore National Team (4 games 0 goal) A striker who has been described as “the future of Singapore football” and has been selected for the national team. It is expected that he will score many goals with his play that takes advantage of his high physical ability and height.

[About Albirex Niigata Singapore]
This is a professional soccer team mainly composed of Japanese who has participated in the Singapore League since 2004, with Albirex Niigata as the parent organization of the J League. They are one of
Singapore’s leading powerhouses, having won the league title for the fifth time this season. Along with nurturing young Japanese players and turning them into professionals, they are also focusing on developing Singaporean players. A women’s team was also established in 2022 and finished second in the league in the first year. We aim to be a club that is needed and loved by everyone in Singapore by
contributing to Singapore society through community contribution activities.
Albirex Niigata Singapore Official Website: [About KMSK Deinze]
Established in 1926, this football club has a long history and belongs to the second division of the Belgian Pro League. The home town of Danes has a population of approximately 45,000 people and is known as an area where many wealthy people live in the East Flanders region. In the 2019-20 season, they were promoted to the second division of the Belgian Pro League, and in the 2021-22 season, they fought hard to finish the season in 4th place (out of 8 clubs). It is a club that is achieving rapid growth, such as announcing a new stadium construction plan. From February 2022, ACA Football Partners will become the owner, and while actively promoting business alliances on a global level, we aim to further develop business and sports.
KMSK Danes Official Website:
[About ACA Football Partners]
Based in Singapore, it is a soccer business company that aims to create multi-club ownership from Asia, and is a member of the ACA Group, whose core business is the formation and management of investment funds. Professional human resources who agree with ACAFP’s mission of “bringing out the latent value of sports” participate in the team as management members. From 2022, KMSK Danes, who belongs to the second division of the Belgian Pro League, will be the core club, and full-scale activities will start. In the future, we will promote multiple capital and business alliances with partner clubs that support this mission, explore the possibility of business expansion without being bound by conventional frameworks, and contribute to the development of the football business globally.
ACA Football Partners Official Website:
Playsia TV
A video streaming service that incorporates the concept of Web3 “Watch&Earn” operated by ACAFP. Viewers incorporate game-like elements into video viewing, such as receiving rewards for viewing content. Original content such as content from clubs affiliated with ACAFP such as KMSK Danes (belonging to Belgium 2nd division), documentaries and talk shows filmed in countries around the world are being distributed globally.
Playsia TV:

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