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Impact Holdings Co., Ltd. RJC Research and Siempre form a business alliance, supporting service improvement through word-of-mouth data analysis and masked research

Impact Holdings Co., Ltd.
RJC Research and Siempre form a business alliance, supporting service improvement through word-of-mouth data analysis and masked research Decided to introduce Yamada Denki as the first initiative, aiming to improve customer satisfaction based on word-of-mouth data

RJC Research Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director), a wholly owned subsidiary of Impact Holdings Co., Ltd. (TSE Growth / Securities Code: 6067), which promotes SDGs sales promotion, and develops a comprehensive marketing research business centered on mask research. President: Mitsuo Yamashita, hereinafter “RJC Research”) has formed a business alliance with Siempre Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiro Sasaki, hereinafter “Siempre”), which handles digital crisis and silent complaint countermeasures. We are pleased to inform you that we have signed a contract.
Through this partnership, Siempre, which is good at comprehensively collecting and analyzing various silent complaints that are being talked about on the Internet, and making proposals and advice on room for service improvement (silent complaint countermeasures), and real-world In cooperation with RJC Research, which specializes in supporting service improvement, we collect and analyze word-of-mouth data posted on the Internet and conduct store surveys (undercover surveys) for companies that are developing stores. ) and consulting will be launched as a one-stop support service.

Background and purpose of the business alliance
In recent years, companies that operate stores such as restaurants and retailers display store information on various Google services such as Google search and Google Maps, and send information to users who search for store information, collect word-of-mouth communication, and online. A system that enables early detection and rapid response in the event that information that is disadvantageous to the company is spread on the Google business profile, where reservations can be made, and SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tick tock. Every year, more and more companies want to improve their own services by efficiently understanding latent things that the person in charge is not aware of, such as manufacturing and customer dissatisfaction and requests.
Since its establishment in 2008, Siemple has a cumulative track record of more than 6,000 transactions, and has been providing services related to flaming, reputational damage, and slander, starting from digital (net), with more than 200,000 countermeasure sites. It is possible to support smooth corporate management activities through prevention, monitoring and countermeasures during normal times, response when a fire occurs and recovery, and a wide range of services regardless of industry. We provide.
Since its founding in 1967, RJC Research has continued to collect data that accurately captures the market environment as an independent marketing research company with the goal of “connecting users and suppliers.” In addition to our comprehensive marketing research menu, we also provide services that combine our expertise in field marketing, conducting more than 300,000 in-store surveys annually. By collaborating between the two companies, it will be possible to improve the services of companies that are developing stores both online and in real life. In addition, we have determined that early detection of various silent complaints that are being talked about on the diversifying internet and rapid response will bring us closer to creating a system that can provide better services and improve customer satisfaction. , led to this business alliance.
Comments from both business managers
Siemple Co., Ltd. President Toshiro Sasaki
Over the past few years, the number of word-of-mouth reviews on Google Maps, etc. has been increasing for businesses with stores. Word of mouth is the real voice of the customer, and when analyzed correctly, it is very useful information that highlights the problems and issues of the service. However, the current situation is that there are still few companies that can accurately grasp word-of-mouth communication and use it to improve their business. By combining our web monitoring and word-of-mouth data analysis with the services of RJC Research, which has a wealth of experience in undercover investigations, client companies can accurately understand what is happening in the field, leading to business and service improvements. can do. We hope that this business alliance will contribute to improving the performance of more companies.
RJC Research Co., Ltd. President Mitsuo Yamashita
This initiative has the potential to dramatically improve the service value that can be provided to companies that are developing stores, and we are very much looking forward to it. With this partnership as an opportunity, we will comprehensively collect and analyze various silent complaints that are being talked about on the Internet, and create synergies with Siempre, which specializes in proposals and advice on room for service improvement (silent complaint
countermeasures). At the same time, we will create new value in the marketing research business and contribute to the development of the Japanese retail industry.
Future prospects
As the first step of this partnership, we have decided to introduce the service to the home appliance mass retailer “Yamada Denki” operated by Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture; President: Yoshinori Ueno).
Starting with this alliance and the introduction of services to “Yamada Denki”, we plan to develop services that make use of the resources owned by both companies. We will work to contribute to the development of the Japanese distribution and retail industry by providing better services and improving customer satisfaction. Company Profile
Siempre Co., Ltd.
Representative: Juro Sasaki, President and Representative Director Established: October 2008
Head office location: Crystal Point Building 2F, 1-19-14 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business content: Digital crisis countermeasure business, silent complaint countermeasure business
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RJC Research Co., Ltd. (Impact Holdings Co., Ltd. wholly-owned subsidiary) Representative: Mitsuo Yamashita, President and Representative Director Established: July 1967 *Established as a new company in December 2017 through spin-off
Head office location: 6F, Token International Building, 2-12-19 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business content: Planning and designing market research, public opinion surveys, social surveys, etc., implementation, aggregate analysis, report creation, research consulting (proposal of optimal planning design and analysis methods), collection of various statistical data and general data analysis, etc.
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Contact information
[Inquiries about services]
RJC Research Co., Ltd. (Wholly owned subsidiary of Impact Holdings Co., Ltd.) TEL: 03-5937-1501
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Public Relations, Impact Holdings Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-5464-8321
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