Impress Group The 2nd installment of the popular investment introduction book that has sold over 30,000 copies ! “I have zero knowledge, but what kind of investment should I make after Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo? ] Released on Wedn esday, December 21

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The second installment of the popular investment primer, which has sold over 30,000 copies in total, is now available! “I have zero knowledge, but what kind of investment should I make after Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo? ] Released on Wednesday, December 21

Impress Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Toru Ogawa), which develops IT-related media business in the Impress Group, has released a book that allows those who started Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo to step up to the second stage of investment I have zero knowledge, but what kind of investment should I make after Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo? ] Will be released on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. [Image 1

A must-read for those who have tried Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo, but are worried about that alone!
The number of accounts opened for the small investment tax exemption system “Tsumitate NISA” and the individual defined contribution pension plan “iDeCo” is increasing year by year, and more people are starting to invest. The book released in November 2021 “I have zero knowledge, but I want to start Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo. has sold over 30,000 copies. Under such circumstances, many questions to Mr. Mitsuaki Yokoyama, the author, are “I tried to start Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo for the time being, but what kind of investment should I do next?”
This book is the long-awaited second edition newly written for those who say, “I started Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo for the time being.” For those who say, “I’m worried about this alone,” “I’m scared of full-scale investment,” and “But I want to increase my money,” we provide an easy-to-understand explanation of how to step up to the “second stage of investment.”
■Three investment styles are proposed according to risk tolerance. You can start an investment life that suits you
In this book, “After starting Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo”, “1. Review your asset plan”, “2. It is explained in 5 steps: 4. Let’s do maintenance and 5. Let’s think about how to receive it.
We will introduce three investment styles based on Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo. First, we will chart your risk tolerance and recommend investment trusts and ETFs according to your situation and level. In addition, we will support the future operation of “those who have started for the time being”, such as the maintenance method of investment assets including Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo, and the best receipt timing.
The text is in the form of a dialogue between a teacher and a student, and each item is illustrated, so even if you have zero knowledge, it is easy to read and you will learn how to properly increase your money. Another feature is that it presents specific options so that product names and financial institution names can be imitated as they are.
■ This book is recommended for the following people
Those who have just started Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo
Those who feel the benefits of Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo and want to invest further
Those who want to make more money
Those who are worried about childcare funds and retirement funds ■ Page image
[Image 2

Easy-to-read, full-color, ‘instructor-student’ interactive format. ■ Structure of this document
STEP 1: Let’s review our wealth plan ~Let’s take full advantage of the tax exemption system~
STEP 2: Choose a method of increasing that suits you ~If you want to increase more, buy investment trusts/ETFs with a specific account~ STEP3: Open an account and purchase the product ~ All the preparations are done online! Completed in 15 minutes ~
STEP4: Let’s do maintenance ~Product change and information gathering~ STEP 5: Think about how you will receive it ~Best goal setting for a bright future~
Advanced Edition: Let’s increase our assets even more ~Recommended Portfolios and ETFs~
■ Bibliographic information
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Book title: I have zero knowledge, but what kind of investment should I do next after Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo?
Author: Mitsuaki Yokoyama (Author), Perron Powerx (Editor)
Release date: Wednesday, December 21, 2022
Number of pages: 128 pages
Size: A5 size
List price: 1,320 yen (main unit 1,200 yen + tax 10%)
Electronic version price: 1,320 yen (main unit 1,200 yen + tax 10%) * Impress direct sales price
ISBN: 978-4-295-01578-9
◇ Amazon book information page: ◇ Impress book information page: ■ Author profile
Mitsuaki Yokoyama
Representative of MyFP Co., Ltd. It is a unique household
revitalization program that improves the use of money itself, aiming for reliable revitalization of household finances, and has received high praise for its individual consultation and guidance. The number of household regenerations so far has exceeded 21,000. Many writings and lectures for various media such as books and magazines. He has written a total of 162 books with a cumulative total of 3.6 million copies, including the latest works in the series, “3000 Yen Investment Life Deluxe” and “Declaration of Saving Life from 2 Million Yen Annual Income”, which have sold more than 900,000 copies in total.


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