Imuraya Group Co., Ltd. “White Azuki Bar” released on Monday, December 19, 2022

Imuraya Group Co., Ltd.
“White azuki bar” released on Monday, December 19, 2022
Imuraya’s first “white” adzuki bean bar made with rare white azuki beans is now available – The “Hokkaido Azuki Bar” will also be available in a limited anniversary package on the same day! Each limited quantity sale ~

Imuraya Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 7-1-1 Takachaya, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture; President: Yasushi Iwamoto) has launched a rare “White azuki bar” using high-value white azuki beans will be released sequentially from December 19th (Monday) with a limited number of 500,000. Also, from the same day, the 50th anniversary package of “Hokkaido Azuki Bar” will be released sequentially with a limited number of 500,000.
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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the launch of the azuki bar Imuraya’s first azuki bar using white azuki beans
The long-selling product “Azuki Bar” was born in 1973 as a product that makes use of the manufacturing technology of Japanese sweets, which is the founding business of our company, from the idea of ​​​​”Is it possible to make ice cream that looks like frozen zenzai?” Celebrating the 50th anniversary of its release. Thanks to everyone’s evaluation as a Japanese ice cream that allows you to feel the goodness of the ingredients, the annual sales volume of the “Azuki Bar” series exceeded 300 million in 2021.
As a product to express our gratitude and congratulations for your patronage for half a century, we will release a limited number of “White Azuki Bars” using white azuki beans with high scarcity value. In addition, the “Hokkaido Azuki Bar”, which is particular about Hokkaido ingredients, will be available in limited quantities in a 50th anniversary limited package.
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If you put “White Azuki Bar” and “Hokkaido Azuki Bar” side by side, it will become auspicious “red and white color”, perfect for the upcoming New Year celebrations. Please take this opportunity to compare the color and taste of the white and rare “White Azuki Bar” and the popular and classic “Azuki Bar” series.
We will continue to deliver the unchanging deliciousness of “Azuki Bar” for the next 50 years, and will continue to actively take on the challenge of providing new value with the enterprising spirit that we have had since our founding.
● “Azuki Bar” Series
“White azuki bar” product features
1. “Azuki Bar” using rare white azuki beans that are also used in high-end Japanese sweets
White azuki is difficult to cultivate, so the production volume is extremely low, and in 2020, the white azuki planted area in Hokkaido is less than 0.5% of the total azuki. White adzuki beans are prized as a raw material for high-end Japanese sweets due to their color and strong flavor. This time, Imuraya used white adzuki beans for ice cream for the first time. We use 100% white azuki beans and slowly cook them from the raw beans using our original “Azuki Bar” method to create a flavorful azuki ice cream with good grains. Please enjoy the taste of white adzuki beans, which is rarely seen in distributed products.
2. Because it is a simple ice cream with only white adzuki beans, sugar, and salt, we are particular about the ingredients and use only Hokkaido products.
All the ingredients are made in Hokkaido, and it is manufactured with a simple combination of white adzuki beans, sugar, and salt. The refreshingly sweet sugar and mellow Okhotsk salt bring out the mellow sweetness and elegant flavor of the white adzuki beans, bringing out the original deliciousness of the carefully selected ingredients. “White Azuki Bar” and “Hokkaido Azuki Bar” Recommended Arrangements The “White Azuki Bar” and “Hokkaido Azuki Bar” are made with only three simple ingredients: adzuki beans, sugar and salt, and are characterized by the flavor and graininess of azuki beans. When heated in the microwave, they can be enjoyed as warm “zenzai”. . Please enjoy the arrangement for the coming season when it gets cold.
■ How to make
Place the azuki bar with the stick in a mug, heat in the microwave at 600W for 1 minute and 30 seconds, and stir lightly with the stick to complete.
*Be careful not to get burned as it will be hot after heating. [Image 3

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“White azuki bar” product information
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“Hokkaido Azuki Bar” product information
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