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In the survey of people in their 40s and 50s, 63% had trouble sleeping and 77% had less socializing.

Q.E.D. Partners Co., Ltd.
In the survey of people in their 40s and 50s, 63% had trouble sleeping and 77% had less socializing.
Investigate the present of the 40s and 50s

Q.E.D. Partners Co., Ltd. conducted an awareness survey on the theme of “now” in “40s and 50s”.
I would like to introduce a survey I conducted in my 40s and 50s, such as “Do you think your physical strength has decreased” and “Do you think you have less socializing?” compared to when you were in your 30s.
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Survey method: multiple-choice and descriptive by Internet cloud service Target audience: 200 people
Survey period: December 15, 2022
Number of valid responses: 200
Survey period: In-house survey
■ Age of survey respondents
[Image 1d59806-43-8c45a95f5d1b235df0b2-1.jpg&s3=59806-43-ffbcc7c0d94ad977142f2d52cbbc498d-800x600.jpg
■ Gender of survey respondents
[Image 2d59806-43-278ef1b7a1fef8f1d92a-2.jpg&s3=59806-43-b44129e6a973ca81f8c76dcba3fb4a5b-800x600.jpg
Question 1 What is the degree of fulfillment of your current life in terms of numbers?
85% or more
15% or less
[Image 3d59806-43-cfcef6b51e10eb9c680e-3.jpg&s3=59806-43-4f5a0ee686a06292b31fcfef1d4aa701-800x600.jpg
15% or less: 14 people
30%・・・35 people
50%・・・75 people
70%・・・53 people
85% or more: 23 people
There may be a lot of worries about work and private life due to the age group, but when asked about the fulfillment level, 76 people answered 70% or more.
I then asked him about his problem.
Question 2: Do you feel that you have more worries about work or your private life?
[Image 4d59806-43-16a91bccb516009711fc-4.jpg&s3=59806-43-c0f932f6b9a229b2415528208eb07a2f-800x600.jpg
There are a few more people who feel private worries.
Question 3: What do you think is the “fun” these days?
This question was asked in free-form.
I would like to introduce some opinions.
Riding while enjoying long distances in cycling events.
PC game
Surf the web while listening to the radio
The results of leg stretching were reflected in walking
Read web comics on your smartphone before going to bed.
When I have time, I enjoy reading online articles and watching various videos. “On YouTube (regardless of Western or Japanese music) 80’s ・ Watching 90’s music videos. ”
“I live in a rural town where there are few shops and entertainment around, so the only thing I look forward to is being able to drive to the next town for shopping on weekends.
On that occasion, I can take a break from the usual boring
neighborhood for a while, and I am happy that I can buy sweets and bread that are not available in the few shops around me.
eat something delicious
It is to drink alcohol while watching youtube after coming home from work. Watching various people’s live performances on Instagram
Invest your pocket money and see the increase or decrease
Drinking beer while taking a bath.
I’m looking forward to the release of a new K-POP idol song. Making things that have never been done before
Watching videos on YouTube, etc.
Looking at pictures and videos of cute creatures in distant zoos and aquariums on SNS and YouTube.
Stay up late on a Friday night and watch your favorite shows and movies. is to eat delicious food
Cafe tour
going to a concert of your favorite singer
Cafe tour
It is to watch the high school student dance of the “opening declaration” of the Sukkiri Dance One project on Youtube.
Watching Korean dramas on Netflix.
Watching Chinese historical dramas
I enjoy going to the library and slowly reading books, eating out with my husband from time to time, and going for walks to Okutama and other places rich in nature.
Sometimes my husband and I go to take a bath on a day trip.
eating delicious food
horse racing predictions
It is a job at US stock investment and Lancers. Especially when it comes to writing.
Watching movies and shopping online
Watching dramas and movies on Netflix, U-Next, etc.
eat something delicious
going out to eat
listening to music and watching dramas
Caring for your hamster
to drive
Watching movies and foreign dramas at Amapura
going to a cafe
I’m still unmarried, so I’m looking forward to marrying the man I like. watching drama
Watching your favorite movies and dramas, spending time slowly, eating delicious food, and seeing wonderful scenery
Watching Vtuber’s distribution, watching the stage performance of the recommended actor by distribution
Go out with your family or have a drink at home.
watching dramas on Netflix
Watching videos or TV where foreigners speak in a foreign language. Watching anime at “d anime store” with my husband.
Going to shops and places you have never been to on your day off and eating delicious food
watching soccer
Working from home and playing with my son
spending time with family
radio. I recently started listening to it and got a lot of information. My hobby is reading, so I look forward to reading books.
More time to immerse yourself in your hobbies
child growth
Participate in your favorite LIVE
What I’m looking forward to now is going out to eat yakiniku with my family when I get paid.
planning a ski trip
going to see different shows
watching soccer world cup
“Watching Internet video distribution such as Amazon primevideo Lunch with friends, day trips
It is to recuperate at a hot spring inn with my wife.
walking with a dog
to play games
investment, investment trust, stock investment
Seeing the growth of my daughter born this year
making sweets at home
Eat something a little more luxurious than usual. Special sushi and A5 rank beef.
pushing life. go live
Watching movies and foreign dramas at Amapura
Question 4 Do you feel that your physical strength has decreased compared to when you were in your 30s?
feel fallen
I don’t really feel it
I don’t feel it at all
[Image 5d59806-43-dbaeb1814c797c73d4a5-5.jpg&s3=59806-43-966819accc3fa93cb8479b2bb0e9d125-800x600.jpg
It turns out that 80% of all people feel that they have lost their physical strength.
Next, I asked him about his relationship with people.
Question 5 Do you feel that you have less socializing than when you were in your 30s?
decreased a lot
decreased somewhat
does not change
[Image 6d59806-43-5638d4d44777535456db-6.jpg&s3=59806-43-fb42254b5500e7ea5896a8964508f459-800x600.jpg
77% of respondents answered that they had “reduced a lot” or “decreased a little”.
It turns out that many people in their 40s and 50s feel that their physical strength is declining and their socializing with others is decreasing.
In the previous question, “Do you think your physical strength has decreased?”, there were 35 people who answered, “I don’t really feel it or feel it at all.” Here’s what it turned into:
☑️ Opinions about “socializing” with people who do not feel that their physical strength has decreased
[Image 7d59806-43-33588517deae9eb81285-7.jpg&s3=59806-43-62ffa9fa9434376fe30de84ad205e8d8-800x600.jpg
You can see that the numbers are significantly different when compared with the graph of all respondents.
In particular, 45% of the respondents said that they had “very much decreased”, but only 11% of the group did not feel that their physical strength had decreased.
Overall, 23% said that their social relationships had not changed, but 48% of the group did not feel that their physical strength had decreased.
From this result, it can be seen that people who do not feel that their physical strength has decreased tend to have less socializing. Finally, we asked for your opinion on sleep.
Question 6 Do you have troubles with sleep?
[Image 8d59806-43-6ef297c7fe805390655e-8.jpg&s3=59806-43-6979b08ea6c9c5ab536e19114065dc03-800x600.jpg
It turns out that 60% of the total have some kind of trouble with sleep. Recently, the number of sleep-themed products has increased. It has become a hot topic that a drink that improves the quality of sleep released in 2022 has sold out and is running out of stock. In this survey, about 60% of people in their 40s and 50s answered that they had trouble sleeping. From this, it turned out that there are many people who are looking for products related to sleep.
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