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Inc. Review Survey report What games can even beginners enjoy? The first place was “Animal Crossing”!

Review Co., Ltd.
[Survey report] What games can even beginners enjoy? The first place was “Animal Crossing”!

The information media “Blockchain Game de Earn”
( operated by Review Co., Ltd.
( is a useful information media for teens and older all over Japan. We conducted a questionnaire survey on “games that even beginners can enjoy”.
We will publish the results.
Survey outline
Survey target: Men and women in their teens and older
Survey date: November 2022
Research agency: In-house research
Survey method: Voluntary responses via the Internet
Number of people surveyed: 100 (73 women and 27 men)
*When quoting the results of this survey, please use the URL of “Blockchain Game de Earn” (
Summary of survey results
When we surveyed the games that even game beginners can enjoy, the first place was “Animal Crossing”.
Others will be introduced in the ranking format.
The first place was “Animal Crossing”.
After 2nd place, “Mario Kart” and “Tsum Tsum” followed, and “Smash Bros.” came in 7th place.
1st place: Animal Crossing
・ You can enjoy it freely without thinking about anything. You can interact with various animals, so you can learn how to socialize with them, and it’s fun to do things you wouldn’t normally experience in your daily life, such as catching fish and collecting insects. There are no rules, so you can enjoy it at your leisure. (Female in her 20s) ・Because you can enjoy playing at your own pace without deciding how good you are at the game by playing time or playing skills. (Male teenager)
・The most attractive thing is that you can relax and do it at your own pace. You can visit other people’s villages and islands, so you never get bored. Also, I think it’s a fun point because there are elements such as DYI in the game on the uninhabited island! (Female in her 30s) The first place was “Animal Crossing”.
There are many opinions that it is a game that everyone can enjoy at their own pace regardless of age or gender, regardless of how good they are at the game.
2nd place: Mario Kart
・Since the button operation is not difficult, there is little memorization. It’s a car race, so you can stop when you want to. You can do it any time you like. (Female in her 30s)
・First of all, I think that many people will intuitively understand the gameplay and controls even if they don’t know “Mario Kart” because it’s a game with a familiar car theme. (Female in her 30s)
・It is recommended for beginners because there is no troublesome operation such as profile registration, and you can start immediately when you want to start in a short time. (Female in her 20s)
The second place was “Mario Kart”.
Many people chose it because it doesn’t require any complicated settings and it’s easy to get started.
3rd place: Tsum Tsum
・This game was fun even for beginners because if you use items, your score will increase as it is. Also, since it’s a mobile app, it’s perfect for killing time. (Male, 30s)
・The rules aren’t that difficult, and the character designs are cute, so I thought I could get by even if I didn’t understand them. (Female in her 30s)
・You can collect familiar Disney characters, and even if the rules are simple and you’re not good at it, the game won’t end just because your score is low, and you’ll improve as you go. (Male in his 40s) 4th place: Pokemon
・Since I was a beginner, I didn’t know if it would be possible to play with multiple people, so I chose Pokemon because it can be enjoyed even by one person, even if they are not familiar with the game. There are various final goals depending on the person, such as defeating all the gym leaders and catching legendary Pokemon. But at some point I thought it might be fun. (Female in her 20s)
・You can just walk around the wide world and catch cute Pokemon and play. If you’re not good at fighting with people, you can easily enjoy it because all you have to do is fight stray Pokemon in the area and raise your level to defeat them. It’s good because you can play just admiring your favorite Pokemon. (Female in her 30s)
・Because it is made so that even children can play, the goal of the game is easy to understand. Also, since there is a wide variety of goods available, it is easy to enter the world from the characters. (female teenager)
4th place: Puyo Puyo
・Since the basic rule is simple, if you match three of the falling dwarf colors, they will disappear. Also, not only that, there is also the depth of thinking about chains in battles and the like. (Male in his 40s)
・For the time being, if you match the colors, they will disappear, so I think even beginners can enjoy it. (Female in her 40s)
・Puyo Puyo is a simple game where you stack and erase, so anyone can play it, and it’s a fun game that will get you hooked. (Female from 50s)
6th place:Mario Party
・It is a game that excites in the house. Other than Mario Party, it’s fun to use the internet or make calls, but Mario Party is a great game where you can see your family and friends while playing. We can communicate. (Male, 20s)
・Because everyone can do it, and it’s a simple game, so you can do it like Sugoroku. Even elderly people can do it, so I think it’s good. (Female in her 40s)
・Since character control is not required as much as in action games, you can slowly get used to the controls. It is recommended because it is a game content that can be enjoyed by one person or multiple people. (Female in her 30s)
7th place: Smash Brothers
・There are many characters that can be used against friends. In addition, I chose this product because it is possible to train player skills through single play and training that can be enjoyed by one person. (Male, 30s)
・The game that even beginners can enjoy is Super Smash Bros. There are various characters that everyone can enjoy. (Male, 30s)
– It’s not story-based, and one game ends quickly, so I think it’s fairly easy for even game beginners to play. I wouldn’t recommend working with strong people. (Female in her 20s)
“Smash Bros.” was number seven.
It’s a game that even beginners can enjoy unless you play with strong people. summary
In a survey of 100 people, 38.0% of the respondents answered “Animal Crossing”. Also, as reasons for answering, there were many opinions such as because they can enjoy the game at their own pace and because they can play the game with a relaxed feeling.
You can see that games that can be played by anyone regardless of time or skill are very popular.
If you are new to the game, please refer to it.
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