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Increased weekday occupancy rate of campsites Start recruiting campsites for cooperation with “Inbound x Camp ” until 12/31

Camp Joshi Co., Ltd.
Increased weekday occupancy rate of campsites Start recruiting campsites for cooperation with “Inbound x Camp” [until 12/31] We will disseminate information for travelers from China, Taiwan, and South Korea, and promote the use of campsites by inbound tourists.
In order to consider the creation of a new system that connects regions, “Camp Joshi Co., Ltd. (Representative: Karen Hashimoto / Michihiro Shibagaki)” opened the first online community “Inbound Camp” where campsite owners participate. We are looking for cooperative campsites nationwide from the 8th (Thursday). Applications are accepted until 23:59 on Saturday, December 31st. Participation is free.
Inbound x Camp Application Form: [Image 1d46252-153-deb6ff143823b369b569-0.png&s3=46252-153-b796029348a20de3476f80d7e03c5af9-1200x630.png
This project is an inbound revitalization project launched by Camp Girls Co., Ltd., which provides consulting services for campsites nationwide, in response to many requests from local campsite owners with low occupancy rates on weekdays. Utilizing the high percentage of foreigners on Instagram for camping girls operated by our company, we will work to support the attraction of customers and develop the culture of camping trips in Japan.
In addition to sending information from our company, we will support the creation of a community where the participating campsite owners from all over the country will become planners and exchanges will occur and information can be shared.
What is “Inbound Camp”, a community dedicated to campsite owners? ■ “Inbound” weekday use revitalizes the camping industry
The “Inbound Camp” community is a project launched with the aim of stabilizing the management of campsites, which are said to have an operating rate of 15-20%. Many local cities and small campgrounds are in the red or barely operating. In 2022, which is said to be a camping boom, there are more campgrounds that are difficult to manage due to external factors such as an increase in campsites and delays in renovations. The “Inbound Camp” community was born with the aim of increasing the occupancy rate on weekdays and off-season. We will continue to operate with the aim of creating an environment and culture where camping is selected as one of the tourism contents of Japan, a country with four seasons and beautiful nature that is unparalleled in the world.
■ Dissemination of camping information in Japan to overseas
In the future, we will use our own SNS “Canjo”, our new media, local media, and influencers to disseminate the appeal of Japanese camps and introduce them preferentially. We also create multilingual operation manuals. Information sharing between registered campsites is also welcome. We expect further development and expansion of the camping industry, such as “I want to know more about the camping industry”, “I want to make camping more interesting”, and “I want to boost the camping industry together”.
–“Inbound Camp” cooperative campsite application method–
Those who wish to participate can participate only for those who are operating campsites nationwide from the following participation form. Participation is free. However, the content of the application will be reviewed, and depending on the content, participation may be refused. Apply here:
-Future schedule for determining participants-
Recruitment starts on 12/8 (Thursday)
12/31 (Sat) Recruitment ends (In the case of regional balance and many applications, it may end early)
-I recommend this hotel-
We operate a campsite, and it is difficult to continue. Or owners and local government officials who are worried about the future. We are waiting for applications from those who want to make the camping boom a long-term culture.
Businesses and corporations that operate campsites in Japan
Person in charge of each department of the local government, etc. Those who want to do a project to help Camp Girls Co., Ltd. and campsites About Camp Joshi Co., Ltd.
[Image 2d46252-153-cb56e2d38fb17f5fe777-1.png&s3=46252-153-ccbf5dfba74b1416ff5e4cecef387bb8-693x235.png
It is an outdoor creation company that supports a brighter life through nature experiences, such as the camp women’s SNS media “Canjo”, the camping equipment rental “Fukuoka Camp Rental”, and the consulting service for campsites “Camp Partners”.
Representatives: Karen Hashimoto, Michihiro Shibagaki
Headquarters: 1-1-7 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Founded: June 11, 2019
Business: Camp culture enlightenment business / camping equipment rental / campsite production
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