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Indomitable fashion model Takashi Sakurai starts crowdfunding! Publishes life magazine introducing fashion and life

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Indomitable fashion model Takashi Sakurai starts crowdfunding! Publishes life magazine introducing fashion and life
Produced a life magazine “COMPOSITE (provisional)” to commemorate the 25th anniversary

Fashion model Takashi Sakurai will start crowdfunding on Saturday, December 24, 2023.
Takashi Sakurai, who is one of the few Japanese male fashion models who have been working as a full-time model for over 25 years and has the best magazine cover in Japan, became the editor-in-chief and celebrated the 25th anniversary of Life. We will produce and publish the magazine “COMPOSITE (provisional)”. Please pay attention to what kind of book it will be.
[Image 1d93618-2-97a24d74bb30a97cb399-1.png&s3=93618-2-5a6c5871dc369a1a9cddccec63ca11fb-1200x800.png
I want to share what I learned when life was going wrong
Sakurai talks about the reason for challenging crowdfunding as follows. “There are two main reasons. One is that I wanted to share my experience. There are many things that I’ve been reminded of at times, such as luck, timing, and not giving up.
Another thing is my thoughts on the male model industry. Because I take pride in my work as a model, I feel sad about the current harsh conditions in the male model industry. I want to change the image of male models even a little by transmitting and acting myself! ” People are creatures that grow old, and as a model, Sakurai is conscious of the limits that will inevitably come someday. That passionate attitude should move the hearts of people of the same generation and those who aspire to be models.
A fashionable and challenging book filled with 25 years
The crowdfunding return course includes a life magazine “COMPOSITE (provisional)” delivery course, a launch reception invitation course, a launch invitation course, a magazine shooting site tour course, and Sakurai’s model technology and knowledge. There are also unique courses such as a model experience course that tells you generously, Takashi Sakurai and a Tokyo calendar style cover shooting course! The content of “COMPOSITE (provisional)” is a fashion story that expresses the next model image in the latest collection, a naked fashion gravure that focuses on the body trained over 25 years, and a fashion that revisits the location of memories. We are planning a shoot, a conversation with the benefactor who became a turning point, and an archive of the magazine covers that have been decorated so far. *Plan contents are subject to change in the future.
[Image 2d93618-2-b3f0e83faf8a0e421713-0.jpg&s3=93618-2-788348952e05d2ada9c4eac0232890cc-510x651.jpg
Life magazine “COMPOSITE (provisional)” cover image
Crowdfunding project
“Takashi Sakurai, a male fashion model who decorates the cover of a magazine in Japan.
25th anniversary magazine published to share awareness! ”
December 24, 2023 (Sat) to January 30, 2023 (Mon) 23:59
Support amount: From 3,000 yen
return course
・ Life magazine “COMPOSITE (provisional)” course
・Reception invitation course
・Launch invitation course
・Magazine shooting site tour course
・A model experience course where Takashi Sakurai generously conveys modeling techniques and knowledge
・Takashi Sakurai and Tokyo calendar style cover shooting course Such
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