Industry 4.0: E80 Group Opens New Office in Tokyo “Partner Supporting the Growth of Japanese Companies”

E80 Group Japan LLC
Industry 4.0: E80 Group Opens New Office in Tokyo “Partner Supporting the Growth of Japanese Companies”

– The E80 Group, an Italian multinational intralogistics company, opens a new commercial and service office in Chiyoda Ward. It will be the 14th base in the world.
– Areas of activity cover food manufacturing, beverage manufacturing, paper manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and all industries requiring integrated automation solutions.
– With sales of €323 million (JPY 46 billion) in 2021, the E80 Group’s performance continues to rise: “We want to support Japanese companies through synergistic growth.”
– The E80 Group will exhibit together with Sidel at Makuhari Messe “Drink Japan 2022” (Booths 3-13, Hall 9), which will be held from December 7th to 9th, and face the Japanese market once again. Italian multinational E80 Group, one of the world leaders in providing customized intralogistics solutions for factories manufacturing consumer goods, has opened a new commercial and services office in Tokyo. Announced.
[Image 1d113099-1-3ad2d7415ac0996fe907-1.jpg&s3=113099-1-1f9383ca9d10f523c9bb81e064a3e18a-2048x1535.jpg
E80 Group Headquarters
The group has already delivered automated integrated systems, automated warehouses, robot systems, software, and LGVs (laser-guided automated guided vehicles) in Japan. By opening a new office in the center of Chiyoda Ward, the E80 Group will follow up with existing and future customers, as well as provide systematic after-sales service, thereby improving the level of service to local businesses. would be possible. Staff and management will be located in the Marunouchi Kitaguchi Building (1-6-5 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005). [Image 2d113099-1-02361b320d351af6f79b-0.jpg&s3=113099-1-e587fee30c4c1350507627a5ce9aa68a-3205x2137.jpg
LGV automated guided vehicle
The Japanese base will be the 14th base of the multinational company founded by President Enrico Grassi, a pioneer of the concept of “Industry 4.0”. The group was founded in the early 90s and has reached 323 million euros (46 billion yen) in sales in 2021 due to the global rollout of integrated solutions.
Other E80 Group locations are located in Italy, Brazil, Chile, United Arab Emirates, France, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, United States, Thailand and Australia. Areas of intralogistics solutions for the Japanese market include food manufacturing, beverage manufacturing, paper manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, as well as all industries that require integrated automation solutions in the process from the manufacturing plant to the distribution center. be
In this way, the E80 Group is strengthening its role as a global player while preparing to penetrate the Japanese market. The Italian company will once again take pride in being an exhibitor at Makuhari Messe, December 7-9, with its own booth (booths 3-13, hall 9) in collaboration with Sidel. . .
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Drink Japan 2022
This is due to the strategic partnerships inked in 2021 to keep up with the evolving market and the rise of e-commerce. E80 Group and Sidel will combine end-to-end solutions that increase process efficiency and sustainability to support the growth of their customers in the areas of packaging and integrated automation and intralogistics solutions. It combines a wealth of experience with cutting-edge know-how.
Enrico Grassi, founder and president of the E80 Group, and Vittorio Cavillani, vice-president of the E80 Group, said, “Japan is an economic powerhouse known for producing high-quality, durable products in many sectors. It is the world’s largest producer of robots, accounting for 45% of the world’s production,” he said (provided by IFR). Massive automation has become a top priority for companies trying to remain competitive in emerging markets. As we enter an important period of growth that will continue into 2022, the opening of our Tokyo office presents a major challenge. E80 Group listens to efficiency needs and provides Japanese companies with cutting-edge, customized and integrated solutions to optimize production processes while improving safety and sustainability in all processes. continue. We will also utilize our partnership with Sidel to support our customers as a partner on the path of synergistic growth in the market.

To date, E80 Group has delivered and installed more than 350 smart factories, 2,500 robotic systems and 6,500 AGV/LGV worldwide. Since 2016 alone, the company has worked on more than 40 high-density automated warehouses.
Especially in the Asia-Pacific region, hundreds of systems have already been delivered in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China,
Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

[Image 4d113099-1-bc79cd0db6e08560e4fd-2.jpg&s3=113099-1-48a995e5371be29b725d480ca1912ba2-1920x1080.jpg
Intralogistics solution

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