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Infinite Co., Ltd. TV animation “My lily is my job!” Starts broadcasting in April 2023! A PV using new key visuals and ED songs has been lifted! Comments from 4 additional cast members, director Sanpei Hijiri, music informatio n, and cafe collaborat

Infinite Co., Ltd.
TV animation “My lily is my job!” Broadcast in April 2023! A PV using new key visuals and ED songs has been lifted! Comments from 4 additional cast members, director Sanpei Hijiri, music information, and cafe collaboration information are also available!

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During the popular serialization in Ichijinsha’s “Comic Yuri Hime”, the cumulative number of comics published by Miwa, Volume 1 to Volume 11, has surpassed 600,000 copies (*including e-books). !”. In May 2022, a TV animation was announced and became a hot topic. On Christmas Eve on December 24th, Yui Ogura, who plays the role of Yome Shirasagi, and Sumire Uesaka, who plays the role of Mizuki Ayanokoji, will appear. will be distributed, and the latest information on TV animation will be lifted in the special program.
The new key visual is a colorful illustration of Ribe Jogakuen students gathered under the blue sky, and it was announced that the TV anime broadcast will start in April 2023. In the latest PV, Kanoko Amemiya (CV. Minami Tanaka), Junka Tachibana (CV. Makoto Koichi), Mai Mikoshiba (CV. Yukari Tamura), Nene Saionji (CV. Asami Seto), the voice of the main character, and the ED theme of the TV anime, which is colored by the duet of Hinome and Mizuki, has been unveiled for the first time. In addition, in the live distribution special program, information on the theme song sung and written by Yui Ogura, who plays the role of Yome Shirasagi, comments from Sanpei Hijiri director and 4 main cast members, Wonder Parlor Cafe 2nd collaboration information, situation voice There are plenty of new ban information such as PV release, SNS campaign information, goods information, etc.
The official website has been renewed ahead of the TV anime “My Yuri is my job!” to be broadcast in April 2023. We will continue to disclose new information. Please stay tuned!
“My lily is a job!” Latest PV released! TV anime ending theme “Yume ga Awakenedemo” unveiled for the first time!
Broadcast starts in April 2023! A scene cut from the latest PV of the TV anime “My lily is my job!” has arrived!
PV public URL:
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Music information that colors this work has been lifted!
The opening theme will be performed by Yui Ogura, who plays the role of Yang Mei.
The ending theme is a duet song by Yome and Mizuki!
Along with the release of the PV, the ending theme “Yume ga Awametemo” sung by Yangme and Mizuki was unveiled for the first time.
And the opening theme will be “Secret (Heart) Melody” sung by Yui Ogura who plays Hinome! Please wait for further information. Opening theme “Secret (Heart) Melody”
Vocals: Yui Ogura
Lyricist: Yui Ogura
Composition/Arrangement: Shunsuke Takizawa (TRYTONELABO)
Ending theme “Even if you wake up from a dream”
Vocals: Yome Shirasagi (CV: Yui Ogura) & Mizuki Ayanokouji (CV: Sumire Uesaka) Lyrics/Composition: YAMATSU
Arrangement: Tetsuya Shitara
Comments from the 4 main cast members and director Sanpei Hijiri, who were unveiled on November 11th, have arrived!
Hijiri Sanpei Director
[Image 4

I tried to draw a good balance between Yuri mode when she works at “Cafe Ribe Jogakuen” and everyday situations where emotions and relationships are told. The main part of the work is the feelings and relationships of the characters. Even if I draw the element of “cuteness” with a comedy touch, I try to draw the essence of the girls and the subtleties of mind that are important in the original work. I would be happy if you could enjoy their relationships and stories in this world view.
Minami Tanaka as Kanoko Amamiya
[Image 5

This time, I will be in charge of the CV of Kanoko, who loves you so much! Kanoko’s exquisite dangers, her solitude, and love. I love and love everything about it, so I’m very happy to be able to play it like this! There are many scenes in the anime that will make your heart tighten as you read the original work, so please look forward to it! Makoto Koichi as Sumika Tachibana
[Image 6

Girls working at a concept cafe called Ribe Jogakuen. Each cafe has its own character. If you say it, you are a “lie” yourself, a “lie” world. But sometimes there are words that can be said to be “true” because they are “lies”. And there are “truths”…there are “lies” that can only be told by the real self. I think that the interesting part of this work is the exchange of delicate emotions that come and go between everyday life and Libe. That’s why I strongly feel that I have to delicately understand the feelings of Junka-san, who I will also be playing, and deliver it. I hope you will enjoy the anime Watayuri as well!
Yukari Tamura as Mai Mikoshiba
[Image 7

From the time I received the audition, I thought it would be great if I could be in charge of Mai-chan, who is a lively and wonderful young lady. I am very happy to have this relationship this time. I want everyone to come and visit Ribe Girls’ High School as soon as possible. Please look forward to it on air.
Asami Seto as Nene Saionji
[Image 8

I will be in charge of the voice of Nene Saionji in the anime “My lily is my job!”. I’m happy to become a member of Cafe Ribe Jogakuen and join the ranks of this soft and sweet world view! Nene is a cool store clerk who is in charge of the kitchen, but there is also a side that cannot be seen from there. I would be happy if you could enjoy the somewhat dangerous and unstable girls through the anime.
“My lily is a job!” x Wonder Parlor Cafe Collaboration Season 2 will be held from January 15, 2023! The full picture of the collaboration visual has been lifted! Original goods also announced
[Image 9

The collaboration Season 2 of “My Yuri is a job!” x Wonder Parlor Cafe, which was held from June to July 2022, has been decided! And the whole picture of the collaboration visual, in which you and the others are wearing Wonder Parlor Cafe costumes, has been lifted! In addition, we have decided to sell original goods using this visual.
In the store, there will be a panel display of the recorded in-store voice of Yome, a menu of original flavored teas selected by YANGME and Mizuki, which were well received at the previous time, as well as a selection by Kanoko and Junka in Season 2. The addition of the tea menu has been decided.
≪Implementation period≫
Sunday, January 15, 2023 to Tuesday, February 14, 2023
(February 14th is Valentine’s Day and Yangme’s birthday!)
Wonder Parlor Cafe Official Site
[In-store sales collaboration menu]
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[In-store collaboration goods menu 1.]
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[In-store collaboration goods menu 2.]
[Image 12

[In-store sales collaboration goods menu 3.]
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Situation voice PV by Yangme and Mizuki released!
[Image 14

This time, the recorded situation voice PV has also been released for the first time. It is a specification unique to “Situation Voice”, so please enjoy it with earphones. In vol.1, Yangme and Mizuki are in charge. Will be updated irregularly in the future! ! Please check the HP and official Twitter for update details.
Various campaign information
[Image 15

The Watayuri Chibi character is unveiled for the first time! Chibi Character Icon Daily Public Campaign
It will be released on the official Twitter and official website of the work. ≪Implementation period≫
Sunday, December 25, 2022 to Saturday, December 31, 2022
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At the Winter Comic Market (C101) Ichijinsha booth (South 1/2 No.513), free distribution of clear file bags using original illustrations and new key visuals has been decided! For details, please check
Ichijinsha’s official Twitter.
Original information
[Image 18

Original: My lily is a job! Author: Mihata
Popular serialization in “Comic Yurihime”!
Volumes 1 to 11 of the comics are now on sale!
Cumulative circulation exceeded 600,000 copies! (*Including e-books) -Original Comics Official Site-
-Original Official Instagram-
High school girl Shiraki Youme has a dream. That is to marry a millionaire and ride a palanquin.
For that reason, Yangme made full use of her acting skills and behaved so that she would be loved by everyone.
However, one day, due to carelessness, he injures the manager of the cafe, Mai. Instead, Yangme becomes a clerk at a concept cafe named “Ribe Girls’ School”. It was a salon where clerks disguised as students of a young lady’s school became sisters and served cleanly and beautifully.
At that point, Harume called one of the female students, Mizuki, “onee-sama”… Work information
[Image 19

Shirasagi Yome/Yui Ogura
Mizuki Ayanokoji/Sumire Uesaka
Kanoko Amamiya/Mimi Tanaka
Junka Tachibana/Makoto Koichi
Mai Mikoshiba/Yukari Tamura
Nene Saionji/Asami Seto
Director: Sanpei Hijiri
Assistant Director / Takashi Ikehata
Series Composition: Naoki Hayashi
Character design / Taisuke Iwasaki
Art director: Yukako Ogawa (KLAS) Yuri Takagi (KLAS)
Color setting / Arisa Komatsu
Director of photography: Suguru Shiga (Studio Twinkle)
CG Director/Yoshikazu Suzuki
Acoustic Director/Ryosuke Naya
Sound effects / Katsuhiro Nakajima (Swara Pro)
Music / Megumi Ohashi
Produced by infinite
Animation Production / Passione x Studio Rings
Production: My Yuri is a Production Committee!
“Welcome to Cafe Ribe Girls Academy!”
This is a fictitious girls’ school.
Your life as a waiter begins, where acting (Sotozura) and real intentions bloom in profusion!
A salon where clerks become sisters (Schwester) and serve customers cleanly and beautifully.
Yangme, who always tries to act like he is loved by everyone, For some reason, I decided to serve as a student at Ribe Girls’ High School. He met a female student, Mizuki Ayanokoji, and casually called her “onee-sama”…?
Your life as a waiter begins, where acting (Sotozura) and real intentions bloom in profusion!
-Music information-
OP song: “Secret (Heart) Melody” Yui Ogura
ED song: “Even if a dream wakes up” Shirasagi Yome (CV. Yui Ogura) & Mizuki Ayanokoji (CV. Sumire Uesaka)
-Various details-
Original: Mihata “My lily is my job! ] (Comic Yurihime/published by Ichijinsha) Anime official website:
Anime Official Twitter: @watayuri_anime (Hashtag #My lily is my job #Watayuri) Original official Instagram: @watayuri_1
(C) Miwa Ichijinsha / My Yuri is a Production Committee!
Details about this release:

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