Infomart’s “BtoB Platform Invoice” and Asakawa Systems’ construction and construction solution “Gulliver” series start API linkage

Infomart Co., Ltd.
Infomart’s “BtoB Platform Invoice” and Asakawa Systems’ construction and construction solution “Gulliver” series start API linkage – Significant efficiency improvement from receipt of invoice to accounting process through data linkage –

Infomart Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Ken Nakajima, hereinafter “our company”), which aims to become a trusted leading company that innovates the BtoB business, has announced that the “BtoB platform invoice” provided by the company and Asaka We are pleased to announce that the construction and construction solution “Gulliver” series provided by Systems Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Yasuyuki Miyake, hereinafter “Asakawa Systems”) has started API linkage. This makes it possible to greatly improve the efficiency of accounting processing from receipt of invoices, and boosts the productivity of accounting operations in the construction and construction industry.
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-Overview of collaboration-
The “BtoB Platform Invoice” provided by our company is an invoice cloud service that digitizes the issuance and receipt of invoices, notification of payment amounts, etc. By digitizing various billing operations, we will contribute to operational efficiency and the realization of telework.
The “Gulliver” series provided by Asakawa Systems is an integrated construction solution that helps improve operational efficiency by centrally managing the work that occurs from the creation of a project to the completion of construction work. Used by professional contractors.
In accounting work, there are issues such as the need to come to the office to receive and confirm invoices, and the occurrence of human error when entering billing data. In addition, construction and construction projects have work sites scattered all over the country, so it takes a huge amount of time and effort to collate and manage invoices between the person in charge at the site and the head office. In some cases, we have to go to the site.
With this collaboration, you can receive invoices with work types, expense items, etc. on the “BtoB platform invoice” and automatically import them into “Gulliver”. After confirming the payment management screen on “Gulliver”, the linked data is automatically reflected in the accounting slips and construction costs. Since all exchanges between on-site personnel and the head office are completed online, the effort of the head office accounting staff to go to the site for confirmation can be reduced, and accounting work can be digitized. [Image 2

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Also, in July 2022, the contract cloud service “BtoB Platform Contract” provided by our company and the “Gulliver” series began API linkage. And now, in order to promote the digitization of billing operations, collaboration has also been realized on the billing cloud service “BtoB Platform Billing”.

Both companies will continue to work together to further improve the efficiency of back-office operations in the construction and construction business and support the realization of DX.
– Service overview –
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■ About the Gulliver series
This is an integrated mission-critical business system for
construction companies that is packed with know-how cultivated over nearly 40 years. The total number of companies that have introduced it has reached about 1,000, and last year we received the title of No. 1 for the number of companies that have introduced ERP software specialized in the construction industry from Tokyo Shoko Research. 99% of our customers have been with us for over 5 years.
We are strengthening functions every day to respond to various issues such as internal control, electronic book storage, invoices, and new revenue recognition standards. It is possible to expand the DX and further promote the conversion of customers to DX.
【Product information】
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■ About “BtoB Platform Invoice”
The No. 1 (*1) bill cloud service in Japan that can handle the digitization of various billing operations, such as not only “issued bills” but also “received bills” and “payment amount notifications”. It significantly improves time-consuming, costly, and labor-intensive billing operations, and supports the realization of paperless accounting and telework.
 Compliant with the Act on Preservation of Electronic Books (*2), and plans to support the invoice system in 2023. (As of December 2022, about 810,000 companies are using it.)
(*1) According to research by Tokyo Shoko Research in 2021: (*2) JIIMA “Electronic trading software legal requirements
certification system” certified: – Company Profile –
[Asakawa Systems]
Company name: Asakawa Systems Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yasuyuki Miyake, President and Representative Director Head office location: SiS Rinku Tower, Rinku Oraikita 1, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture
Founded: July 4, 1984
Capital: 64.8 million yen
Business description: cloud services, package software,
      Consulting services, software development,
Provision of maintenance and support services
Number of employees: 92 (as of October 2022) / 375 (all employees of group companies)
Company name: Infomart Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime Market: 2492)
Representative: Ken Nakajima, President and CEO
Head office location: Shiodome Shiba Rikyu Building 13F, 1-2-3 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: February 13, 1998
Capital: 3,212,510,000 yen
Business description: BtoB (business-to-business electronic commerce) platform operation
Number of employees: 680 (as of the end of September 2022)
Details about this release:

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