Infonet Co., Ltd. Infonet develops “MEGLASS finder”, a Google Analytics 4-linked access analysis tool that achieves overwhelming ease of understanding, and pre-opens the service site

Infonet Co., Ltd.
Infonet develops “MEGLASS finder”, a Google Analytics 4-linked access analysis tool that achieves overwhelming ease of understanding, and pre-opens the service site

Infonet Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Takuya Kusakabe, Securities Code: 4444, hereinafter “our company”), which provides the all-in-one commercial content management system “infoCMS (R)”, is overwhelmingly easy to understand. We are pleased to announce that we have developed a Google Analytics 4-linked website access analysis tool “MEGLASS finder” that realizes this, and have pre-opened the service site for its launch.
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■ Development background
It is said that about 90% of the population today uses the Internet. There is an ever-increasing need to expand service and brand awareness and increase sales. Against this background, it is becoming an urgent issue in corporate activities to effectively utilize websites and increase marketing effectiveness, rather than just “creating” websites.
In addition, it was announced that the processing of Universal Analytics provided by Google will be suspended on July 1, 2023, and that migration to Google Analytics (hereinafter referred to as GA4) will be required. In order to effectively operate a website and increase marketing effectiveness, it is important to understand the number of accesses and user behavior, etc., and consider
countermeasures and strategies, but in order to analyze access in GA4, There are situations where understanding and detailed design of the tools is required and takes a lot of time and expertise.
In order to solve this situation, we are planning to develop and launch “MEGLASS finder”, which will enable website access analysis using GA4 data easily without specialized knowledge. The service site has been pre-opened and we have started accepting consultations and inquiries about introduction.
(The service is scheduled to start in January 2023.)
■ Service site
We will accept consultations and inquiries about introduction from the menu bar “Inquiries”.
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■ Features of MEGLASS finder
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We will continue to provide comprehensive support for business improvement DX and web marketing, maximizing the business value of our customers and contributing to productivity improvement.
■Company profile
Infonet Co., Ltd.
Company name: Infonet Co., Ltd. (Securities code: 4444)
Representative: Takuya Kusakabe, President and Representative Director Location: Otemachi First Square West Tower 2F, 1-5-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: October 15, 2002
Business description: Website construction, CMS site construction, system development, AI product development
All-in-one commercial content management system “infoCMS (R)”:
Cloud-based integrated customer management system “infoCRM (R)”:
Evolving AI chatbot “Q&Ai (R)”:
Voice input AI reporting system “Repotti (R)”:
*What is Infonet?
In recent years, digital transformation has been progressing in various companies.
Infonet provides business improvement support/web marketing support services that lead to business efficiency and future business transformation through website creation using CMS and AI (artificial intelligence) related technologies developed in-house. Our in-house professional staff provides comprehensive support for customers’ business problem solving and business results creation in a one-stop system, from introduction consulting to design production, system development, and operation support after introduction.
Details about this release:

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