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A collection has been added to the “Magic Doll Awakening System” added in the “Lineage M” latest update “Ep.exceed OASIS”!
New packages such as “Royal Festival Part 4” and “Merry’s Special Package” also appear

NC Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kim Techhon ) NC Japan) will announce the addition of the “Magic Doll Awakening System” collection, the holding of the event “Royal Festival Part 4”, and the appearance of various packages on December 14, 2022 (Wednesday).
■ “Magic Doll Awakening System” collection added
[Image 1

[Implementation schedule]
December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) during regular maintenance
A special collection for Awakening Magic Dolls has been added to the “Magic Doll Awakening System” added in the latest update “Ep.exceed OASIS”.
Three types of “Legendary Collection” that exert effects such as “Stun Resistance +1%” and “Fear Resistance +1%” when Collection is activated, “Long/Short Range Accuracy +1”, “Hold Resistance 7 types of “Heroic Collection” with effects such as “+2%” have been added today. For details on the Awakening Magic Doll Collection, please check the official website announcement and game guide.
≪Click here for details on “Magic Doll Awakening Collection”≫
■ Royal Festival Part4
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[Holding period]
December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) after regular maintenance to December 21, 2022 (Wednesday) before regular maintenance
The 4th week of the limited-time dungeon “King’s Hunting Ground” where various items drop by subjugating monsters has appeared.
“King’s Hunting Ground” is a dungeon that can be entered by characters of level 45 or higher, and can be used for up to 1 hour every day during the period.
This time, which will be Part 4, the “Advanced Blessing Powder” that can be used for the rank promotion examination in the rank system will be dropped.
≪Click here for details of “Royal Festival Part 4”≫
■ Merry’s special package
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【Sales period】
December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) after regular maintenance to December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) before regular maintenance
Along with the “Superior card gacha pack selection box” where you can get high class to legendary transformation / magic doll cards, and the “Mysterious card gacha pack selection box” where you can get high class to hero transformation / magic doll cards,
“Transformation/Magic Doll Card Synthesis Point Scroll (RareThe included “Merry’s Crafting Certificate” can be used to create 1 “Coin Selection Box” that allows you to select various coins according to the number of coins used, and 1 “Card Synthesis Point Scroll Selection Box (Rare”Merry’s Special Package” can be purchased up to 4 times per account.
≪Click here for details on “Merry’s Special Package”≫
Gremlin’s Treasure Bag
[Image 4

【Sales period】
December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) after regular maintenance to December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) before regular maintenance
“Gremlins Treasure Bag” has been released, where you can earn 5,000 “Transformation Coins” and “Magic Doll Creation Coins” each day that can be used to create Hero-class transformations and Magic Dolls. The attached “Gremlin Crafting Certificate” can be used as a material for crafting “Dragon Diamond Shard (Crafting)” and “Dragon Diamond”. “Gremlins Treasure Bag” can be purchased once per day per account. ≪Click here for details on “Gremlin Treasure Bag”≫
■ Talian’s Stone Box
[Image 5

【Sales period】
November 23, 2022 (Wed/holiday) after regular maintenance to December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) before regular maintenance
The 4th week of limited-time production that can be produced using “Tarian’s Stone Bag (Engraved)”, which can be used to give multiple buff effects for a certain period of time and can be used as a material for various productions, has appeared.
This week, you can challenge to craft the Legendary Accessories “Reaper’s Belt”, “Ogre King’s Belt”, “Ancient Giant’s Ring”, and the “Shining Legendary Armor Selection Box” that can be acquired by selecting Legendary Armor.
In addition, you can also challenge the production of “Hero-class belt selection box (engraved)” and “Drake leather belt (engraved)” that can be obtained by selecting a hero-class belt.
It is also possible to create a “Book of Training Selection Box (Engraved)” that can increase the proficiency level and a “Book of Advanced Training Selection Box (Engraved)”.
Please check the official website for details of various packages and the production lineup.
≪Click here for details on “Talian’s Stone Box”≫
■ Game Overview
[Image 6

It is a smartphone MMORPG based on “Lineage”, which is famous all over the world as a blockbuster game.
The protagonist of the battlefield who guides the members of the clan “Monarch”, the “Knight” who boasts a strong body and offensive power, the “elf” who specializes in long-range attacks and spirit magic, and uses a wide variety of magic to defeat the opponent. “Wizards” who play around, “Dark Elves” who boast powerful melee attack power, “Musketeers” who fight by making full use of ranged attack skills and obstructive skills, and special “Awakening” skills that borrow the power of dragons. “Dragon Fighter” who uses a strong body, “Dark Knight” who manipulates a large shield and dark magic with a strong body, “Sacred Swordsman” who manipulates a one-handed sword and shield and sacred magic, equips an ax, a spear and a shield at the same time to perform various attacks. A unique world view that weaves a pact of sword, magic, and blood, spun by “Berserker” who uses skills specialized for survival, and “Death Scythe” who has high attack power and various skills.
Various people will cross through adventures, clans and wars, and will become irreplaceable friends and rivals in your life. In addition to being able to sell items at in-game shops, it is also possible to buy and sell items with other players through the exchange. You can enjoy it.
[Image 7

Title name: Lineage M
Service start date: May 29, 2019
Price: Free download, item charge
Supported OS: iOS 9.0 or higher / Android 4.4 or higher
Development: NCSOFT
Operator: NC Japan K.K.
Copyright: (C) NCSOFT Corporation. Licensed to NC Japan K.K. All Rights Reserved.
Official website:
Official Twitter:
Line M Service Team Twitter: Official LINE@:
Official Facebook:
Official YouTube channel: [Image 8d1868-2155-11d39d3b9b204e304c1c-7.jpg&s3=1868-2155-ac349c1a0fce53052046aec050503b30-624x96.jpg
*The contents of this press release are as of December 14, 2022. The schedule may change due to various circumstances.
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