Information on New Year’s card NFT distribution from Hiroshima DAO Technology provided by CodeFox Co., Ltd.

CodeFox Co., Ltd.
Information on New Year’s card NFT distribution from Hiroshima DAO [Technology provided by CodeFox Co., Ltd.]
New Year’s greetings from Hiroshima using NFT, which is currently attracting attention

We would like to inform you that CodeFox has provided technology for Hiroshima DAO to distribute New Year’s card NFTs on a special site from January 1, 2023. At the same time, we will inform you about the contents of the New Year’s card NFT.
Click here for the special site for distributing New Year’s cards NFT:
The New Year’s card NFT to be distributed is a special specification created by Hiroshima DAO participants and participating companies, and it is possible to receive a total of 7 types of New Year’s card NFTs created by each participating company and participant.
For the first 1000 people, there is no need to prepare a matic, which is a gas fee, so if you are new to NFT, please experience it.

[Image 1d107591-3-d84fce0bc9ca8cf62351-0.png&s3=107591-3-d21da3b5ccc589b2a518d9548ff1ec14-995x603.png
Participating Companies/Participants
CodeFox Co., Ltd.
JPYC Co., Ltd.
Onogoro Co., Ltd.
Distribution period
January 1, 2023 to January 11, 2023
How to receive New Year’s card NFT
On the special site, we will distribute NFT with polygon chain. Please follow the steps below to receive your NFT.
Gas fee is not required for the first 1000 people.
Access special site
connect wallet
Click “Publish”
When the display changes to “Issued”, the NFT mint is complete! If you click “Issued”, you can check the NFT from OpenSea.
For details, please refer to “How to receive New Year’s card NFT”. ■ About Hiroshima DAO
・Increase awareness of “Web3/Metaverse” in Hiroshima Prefecture ・Connect Hiroshima products to the world
・Co-creation with the next generation to create a “new industry” from Hiroshima Prefecture
Hiroshima DAO is active with these three policies.
The NFT distributed this time is also part of the deliverables of the study session held as part of the activity on December 22nd. You can issue NFTs for free without gas charges, so please experience it. [Image 2d107591-3-87ae38877e7774f16699-1.png&s3=107591-3-9aa5b9a8c7fb725b10853eb8dbe50790-325x57.png
■Technical support: CodeFox Co., Ltd.
We, CodeFox, are a company that conducts consulting business and research and development support business in the web3 area with the slogan “Bridge between Web2 and Web3”.
While businesses using NFTs are rapidly attracting attention, we often hear that blockchain technology is still unfamiliar and difficult to enter. We hope that the “NFT New Year’s Card” for which we provided technical support this time will be a good opportunity for such people to experience web3.
CodeFox will continue to build bridges between Web2 and Web3 in various areas and create new value.
[Image 3d107591-3-aeef6efce6561bed0c01-2.png&s3=107591-3-db68e1d3f1a4a422ff424b5860a2bc89-317x55.png
Company name: CodeFox Co., Ltd.
Location: 1F hitoto Hiroshima Knowledge Square, 1-1-61
Higashisenda-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture Representative: Fumihiro Shindo (President and CEO)
Corporate site:
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
CodeFox, Inc.

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