InsightTech Co., Ltd. Insight Tech, a dissatisfaction purchase center, holds a web seminar on “dissatisfaction with local life”

InsightTech Co., Ltd.
Insight Tech, a dissatisfaction purchasing center, holds a webinar on “dissatisfaction with rural life”
Consumer-oriented idea search using “Frustration Finder”

Insight Tech Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Tomohiro Ito, hereinafter referred to as Insight Tech) analyzes dissatisfaction with life in rural areas received by the “Discontent Purchase Center” operated by the company with “Dissatisfaction Finder”. We will hold a web seminar that considers the results.
In one year, approximately 54,900 complaints about life in rural areas, where the population is aging, were submitted to the
Dissatisfaction Purchasing Center.
In this webinar, we created a unique dictionary item to clarify the characteristics of dissatisfaction about urban development, and focused on the key areas of smart cities, such as
“education/childcare,” “disaster prevention,” and
“environment/energy.” Search for dissatisfaction. We have summarized the needs and service ideas that can be deciphered from the
dissatisfaction we focused on. I would like to work with you on how to sublimate the dissatisfaction of N = 1 into business ideas, and on the process of developing rural towns where interest in migration is increasing due to the spread of telework. increase.
Please feel free to join us as we will deliver information that will serve as a reference for product/service development and marketing strategy consideration.

■ Notice of free web seminar
“Regional Urban Development” – Ideas for urban development that can be read from the dissatisfaction of rural life
Consumer-oriented idea search using “Frustration Finder”
・ Date and time: December 22, 2022 (Thursday) 13: 00-14: 00
・Location: Webinar on Zoom. (After applying, we will inform you of the access destination by the day before.)
・ Recommended for: Marketing / Product Development / New Business Development / Service Planning / Research / Analytics
1. Introducing Complaint Finder
2. Current affairs news related to urban development
3. Exploring overall trends and attention categories of
dissatisfaction with urban development in rural areas
4. Exploring ideas from the viewpoint of urban development to resolve dissatisfaction
5. Summary
▼ Click here to apply (free participation)
* This webinar is intended for those who are in charge of VoC utilization and marketing at companies and organizations. We kindly ask that you refrain from participating as an individual. In addition, we may refuse participation of companies and organizations that we judge as competitors. Please note.
What is the Dissatisfaction Purchase Center? ( The Dissatisfaction Purchase Center (patented) “purchases your dissatisfaction in order to improve the products and services of companies and society. With the concept of “delivering to society”, the service started on March 18, 2015. We collect complaints from consumers through web services and smartphone apps, and currently have a cumulative total of over 35 million complaints from over 720,000 members.
■ What is the dissatisfaction finder? ( “Complaints Finder” is a completely new data that can search and extract data that matches the theme or issue from the complaints big data sent to the complaints purchase center, and realizes multifaceted analysis at high speed. It is an AI-based SaaS.
Using the cutting-edge natural language processing technology of text analysis AI “ITAS” and our own framework, we will identify the real problems and opportunities of consumers from dissatisfaction big data. No knowledge of data analysis or complicated operations are required. You can also register a “dictionary” according to themes and issues, and you can immediately obtain analysis results using this, increasing the accuracy and speed of your work at the same time.
■Company Profile
Trade name: Insight Tech Co., Ltd. ( Established: June 19, 2012
Location: Shinjuku Island Tower, 6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1333
Business description:
Marketing research and report writing
Contract data analysis using artificial intelligence such as natural language processing and machine learning
Corporate promotion and branding support
Operation of dissatisfaction purchase center

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