Interactive Solutions Co., Ltd. Train your sales dialogue skills in web interviews! Now is the time to role-play with AI. Launched voluntary training application “iRolePlay”

Interactive Solutions Inc.
Train your sales dialogue skills in web interviews! Now is the time to role-play with AI. Launched voluntary training application “iRolePlay”
Interactive Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kiyoshi Sekine) will launch a voluntary training app “iRolePlay” that allows you to “talk” training as if you were face-to-face with customers in December 2022. We will start offering from the 6th. Targeted at companies that want to efficiently and effectively develop the communication skills of employees involved in sales and customer service. Currently, it is being introduced on a trial basis in pharmaceutical company sales training and language training. “iRolePlay” is a “presentation & role-playing training tool” that allows salespeople to role-play without hesitation by simulating dialogues in web interviews at any time. AI can point out weak points and important points on the screen, and you can set up “probing questions” to draw out customer needs during sales talks. The educational effect will also increase dramatically.
We solve such problems
・ Even if you can share materials and speeches,
Is it possible for subordinates to actually use know-how? I know only intuitively.
・ What are your thoughts and impressions after doing role play with multiple people?
It tends to be a “just in case” or “hitting idea”, and it becomes weak as a concrete improvement advice.
・You talk unilaterally during a web interview, or ask irrelevant questions unilaterally.
・The standards for skill evaluation are ambiguous, and even if you go out of your way to take a test during the evaluation period, you will not know if you can actually speak.
・In the actual rope play, I feel that repeated criticisms from others can lower motivation, and it is difficult for educators to give encouragement and encouragement that will give them confidence. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, many companies have changed the way they do business and the way they spend their time. It is said that places to develop practical skills such as visits and
accompaniment have been replaced online, and the frequency and quality are declining. At the same time, in-house training and meetings have also gone online, and there tends to be a lot of one-way instructions and explanations from superiors. On the other hand, it may be said that there are more opportunities for learning because the time alone has increased, whether at work or at home.
▼ Practical learning has decreased significantly due to the corona crisis [Image 1

In human resource development, it is said that 70% of learning is obtained through OJT (work experience), 20% is obtained through interaction with others, and training only accounts for 10%. In the corona crisis, the amount of learning that can be gained through practice has decreased significantly, and the problem is that the ability to interact in online interviews is also being affected.

The advantage of the self-training app is that it reduces the burden on both learners and educators!
[Benefits for learners]
With self-training on iRolePlay, learners can train the 4 steps of dialogue skill development anytime, anywhere without hesitation. 1. Acquisition of knowledge and deepening of understanding
2. Knowledge output
3. Situation hearing
4. Explanation using specific examples
Each time the learner learns, they are presented with weaknesses that they have cleared and the next task, which leads to a visualization of their learning and an improvement in their motivation.
▼An example of self-role-play for MRs who can clear the game by asking AI doctors accurate questions
[Image 2

[Benefits for educators]
Educators can eliminate the time and effort spent on individual instruction and role-playing education, raise the level and
standardization of employees’ dialogue skills, and visualize and grasp the learning results of each employee on the management screen. , it will be possible to give practical and accurate advice.
Realize more natural and quicker reactions with the latest AI technology iRolePlay is a more natural and responsive service that uses advanced Japanese natural language processing (NLP) using machine learning and speech recognition that utilizes the AI ​​functions of iPhone / iPad, and our own patented technology. and probing with inverse questions. – New product name – iRolePlay
-Overview-Dialogue practice app for sales and customer service that allows self-training and probing
-Target customers-Companies that want to efficiently and effectively train employees involved in sales and customer service
-Period of use-3 months~
-Introduction schedule-minimum 2 months
Sales activities have changed significantly to hybrid. In such a drastic change in the environment, it is necessary to provide appropriate and easy-to-understand explanations during the limited interview time with customers.
We have provided a system that allows you to utilize a wealth of materials at the sales site, and among them, we have added an AI voice search recommendation function that recognizes the content of utterances and immediately finds the necessary materials while talking. I have provided it. iRolePlay, which will be offered this time, has been developed by further developing its AI voice
recognition function. Please use these to realize true DX for sales and customer service departments.
Interactive Solutions will propose new initiatives to survive the DX era as a strategic partner that responds with trust and achievements, and will develop and provide solutions.
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