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Interband’s challenge is to create a place where young people, who are often said to be “introverted,” open their eyes to the world and develop the will and ability to contribute to the world!

Dear Press Members, I am Shigetsugu Komine, the representative director of Interband, a specified non-profit organization. In the 30 years since our founding, we have worked on post-conflict
peacebuilding, including support for democratization, social reintegration of ex-combatants, restrictions on the trade in small arms, and humanitarian assistance to refugees and internally displaced persons. Today, young people with a strong desire to contribute to peacebuilding and the ability to take action gather to tackle various issues. In order to make further progress in our activities, we are calling for monthly support, and have made a press release of what our corporation aims for. I would appreciate it if you could read it. NPO Interband
Interband’s challenge is to create a place where young people, who are often said to be “introverted,” open their eyes to the world and develop the will and ability to contribute to the world!
We aim to upgrade the interband as a “base” where young people act and grow for peace building in the world.

Since its founding in 1992, NPO Interband has been working to prevent and resolve disputes for 30 years. In conflict resolution, we believe that it is necessary to listen to the voices of various people in countries where there is actual conflict or the possibility of conflict, and to analyze the actual conditions and root causes of conflicts that cannot be understood only by the media. . On top of that, we cooperate with NGOs active in conflict areas and various related organizations to work toward resolving conflicts. It also works to prevent conflicts by issuing early warnings to the
international community.
Today, Interband continues to grow as a place where young people, who are often said to be “introverted,” open their eyes to the world and foster the will and ability to contribute to the world. In order to realize the creation of a sustainable platform where experts and young people work together to resolve conflicts, we have started current efforts such as soliciting continuous donors.
Connection of small groups “bands” that act for conflict resolution and peacebuilding; interbands
Every day in the world there are conflicts that make you want to cover your eyes.

Once a conflict breaks out, the country’s socio-economy and people’s minds suffer irreparable damage. We believe that in order to resolve such conflicts before they occur, or to put an end to conflicts that have already arisen, we must turn our attention to the root causes of conflicts in the first place.
And we believed that awakened individuals must first stand up in order to resolve complex and intertwined problems such as conflict. A ‘band’ is a small, proactive group of people willing to change the status quo.
People who think about and act on conflicts and violence in various countries and regions create “bands” one after another. The connection of such “bands” causes a big swell. We put such a meaning in the name “Interband”.
For the past 30 years since its establishment, Interband has carried out fact-finding in conflict areas to promote the democratization of Asian countries. I have been involved in relief activities,
reintegration of ex-combatants, humanitarian assistance and peace education.
A platform for experts with extensive knowledge and experience in conflict areas and young people working to resolve conflicts Interband has experts with experience and knowledge of activities in conflict areas and developing countries. I have worked on conflict resolution and peacebuilding in UN peacekeeping operations (PKO), UN agencies, development assistance agencies, and international NGOs. And now, many young people with a passion for conflict resolution are gathering at Interband. Young people are maximizing their ability to act and communicate. Above all, the “neutrality” of students who are not influenced by their political or economic interests, and the “connecting power” that enables them to meet people of various social classes and connect various people, is also important when dealing with conflict issues. I believe that this is one of our greatest strengths.
In this way, the platform where experienced experts and young people who act together is becoming a new form of interband.
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What lies at the foundation of Interband’s activities
At Interband, we believe that repressive state systems are often the cause of conflicts and civil wars, and we carry out activities to support the creation of a free and democratic nation, such as election monitoring, ex-soldiers support, and humanitarian assistance. Specific examples include fact-finding in conflict areas
(understanding the root causes and actual conditions of conflict), support for peace based on fact-finding, and the use of experience in support activities in conflict areas in foreign policy. is mentioned. Most recently, I have tried crowdfunding led by students for activities in Cambodia and Myanmar.
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30 years have passed since Interband was founded in 1992. Many of those who have participated in Interband activities over the past 30 years have gone on to pursue activities related to peacebuilding. The experience of learning and practicing at Interband, and meeting with friends who inspire each other, leads to a later career.
 There are many alumni who are pursuing peacebuilding research at UN agencies, central ministries and agencies, government agencies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Cabinet Office, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and other universities.
In addition, people who are active in the field of peacebuilding and international development cooperation, such as dispatching Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, working for development consulting companies, and launching peacebuilding support NGOs, are spreading from the interband to the world.
Current challenge
In recent years, through Myanmar after the coup d’état, and Cambodia’s peace and democratization activities, which is a turning point in Japan’s contribution to international peace, an expert with knowledge of conflict areas and young people who want to act for conflict areas Conflict resolution actions through our “chemical reaction” are gradually taking shape.
And from now on, my colleagues scattered in other countries will carry out fact-finding in the conflict-affected areas, provide urgent support for the issues that have been clarified there, and provide information on the situation of those affected by the conflict. I would like to create a system that quickly disseminates this to society and policies.
In order to create an activity base that will become such a platform, we are looking for continuous donors this time.
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I would like to be able to take immediate and effective action in response to situations occurring around the world. In addition, we will send student interns who are currently studying abroad to conduct field surveys and aim to build a new band, and we will continue to work.
■Overview of the organization
Organization name: NPO Interband
Founded: 1992
Location: Room 511 Yotsuya Sun Heights, 4-6-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Official website:
Details about this release:

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