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Interfactory Co., Ltd. “ebisumart”, the first customizable cloud-based e-commerce platform, has started co operation with the AI ​​suggestion platform “awoo AI”

Inter Factory Co., Ltd.
The first customizable cloud-based EC platform “ebisumart” starts cooperation with the AI ​​suggestion platform “awoo AI”
Automatic generation of hashtags makes it possible to improve EC site traffic and CVR

The cloud commerce platform “ebisumart” provided by Interfactory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Noboru Kaburagi; hereinafter referred to as Interfactory) is a cloud-based EC construction system that enables customization. * for the first time, system cooperation with the AI ​​suggestion platform “awoo AI” provided by awoo Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Shigo Hayashi, hereinafter referred to as awoo Japan), a global AI tech company. It started on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. This system linkage can also be used with the cloud commerce platform “ebisumart zero” for small starts provided by our company.
As a result, EC businesses that build EC sites with ebisumart and ebisumart zero and introduce awoo AI will be able to utilize hashtags that are automatically generated based on product characteristics to improve the ease of movement of the EC sites they operate and CVR. Along with the improvement, it will lead to a better purchasing experience for users.
About cloud commerce platform “ebisumart”
“ebisumart” is a major cloud commerce platform with the No. 1* market share for EC site construction tools in the SaaS-type customized market for four consecutive years. Combining the advantages of both EC package and ASP systems, you can always build an up-to-date and optimized EC site.
We have a track record of building more than 700 sites in total, regardless of industry type, such as site renewal, omni-channel, BtoB-EC, etc. In order to support the growth of our customers’ EC business, we offer everything from proposals for EC sites that meet their needs to site operation. We will support you from the top. (*Fuji Chimera Research Institute, “Software Business New Market 2019-2022 Edition (quantity basis 2018-2021)”)
About cloud commerce platform “ebisumart zero”
“ebisumart zero” has the advantage of being able to build an EC site “inexpensively” and “easily” in an ASP-type cart. It is a cloud commerce platform for small starts that can “expand functions” at the optimum timing.
Regardless of the type of business, we support the growth of startups to medium-sized e-commerce businesses who are thinking of “business growth” by “expanding the functions of their e-commerce site according to the business phase”.
How to build your own EC site
With the expansion of the EC market, the number of business operators who are promoting the construction and renewal of EC sites is increasing. Among them, there are five methods of building an EC site operated by the company: “full scratch”, “package”, “open source”, “ASP service”, and “cloud EC”. Each has its own characteristics, and it is necessary to select according to the scale and operating costs of each business operator’s EC business.
“ebisumart” and “ebisumart zero” provided by Interfactory are EC platforms corresponding to “cloud EC”.
For details, please refer to the article explaining how to build your own EC site.
How to build your own EC site and the advantages and disadvantages of your own EC
[Overview of Inter Factory]
Company name: Inter Factory Co., Ltd.
Company information URL:
Head office location: 4th floor, Iidabashi Grand Bloom, 2-10-2 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Noboru Kaburagi, President and CEO
Established: June 2003
Capital: 393,583,440 yen
Business description: Cloud solution business
“ebisumart” service URL:
“ebisumart zero” service URL:

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