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Interspace Co., Ltd. A little less than 50% of mothers who obtain beauty and fashion information from SNS are surveyed by Japan’s largest information site for mothers, “Mama Master.”

Interspace Co., Ltd.
According to a survey conducted by Mamasta, Japan’s largest
information site for mothers, less than 50% of mothers obtain beauty and fashion information from SNS.

Internet advertising and media management business Interspace Co., Ltd. (located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinichiro Kawabata, securities code: 2122, hereinafter referred to as Interspace), Japan’s largest information site for mothers “Mama Master” ( URL: has announced the ranking of apps and internet services used by moms 2022.
This project has been held for 10 consecutive years since 2013, and we are conducting a survey to confirm the apps and Internet services that were most used by moms during the year. In addition, we will compare the usage rate with the 2021 version (survey from December 2nd to December 16th, 2021) and the 2020 version (survey from December 1st to December 11th, 2020). We are making it possible to compare the transition of applications and Internet services.
In the survey, we conducted an Internet questionnaire for the mother master users, and selected the representative applications and Internet services of each genre that they “use at least once a week” (multiple selections allowed). . The total number of choices for each service is divided by the survey parameter, and the resulting value is calculated as the “utilization rate” to find out what apps and internet services mothers use on a daily and regular basis in their lives. are listed in an easy-to-understand manner.
Survey method: Internet survey
Target: Female n=871 cases
Survey area: Nationwide
Survey period: December 14th to December 21st, 2022
2022 ranking of apps and internet services used by moms announced! [Image 1

Changes in usage rates for the past 3 years (only services that can be compared for the past 3 years)
[Image 2

Services used by moms in 2022 are “YouTube” and “Instagram”! For nine years in a row, LINE has been the number one
application/Internet service used by mothers, with a usage rate of 91%.
Continuing from last year, “YouTube” ranked second with 71%, “Instagram” with 66%, and “Twitter” with 54%, with more than half of the users using SNS. It can be seen that it is taking root in 80% of people watch video distribution services
This time, when we investigated the viewing time of “TV” and “video distribution services” such as “YouTube” and “Netflix”, we found that 88% of mothers watch “video distribution services”.
Comparing the viewing time per day for each service, viewing less than 3 hours was 56.9% for “TV (terrestrial)”, 65.7% for “video
distribution service”, and viewing for 3 hours or more was “TV (terrestrial)”. wave)” was 37.1%, and “video distribution service” was 22.3%.
Less than 50% of moms get beauty and fashion information from SNS This time, when we surveyed the “tools that get the most information” about “fashion”, “beauty”, and “gourmet”, 46.9% of moms who get information from SNS said “fashion” and “beauty”. was 46.1%, and “Gourmet” was 37.5%. While there are options such as TV, books, websites, and word of mouth, SNS is actively used to collect information.
Regarding “fashion” and “gourmet”, 3.3% and 5.0% answered that they got the most information from “YouTube”, respectively, while “beauty” was 10.7%, which was more than 10% of the respondents. As for information, it was a result that you can see that they are also paying attention to videos.
*Some names are generally trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. Mama Master will continue to conduct regular surveys on how moms are using apps and internet services.
[Image 3

“Mama Master” is Japan’s largest comprehensive information site for moms, with 850 million page views per month and more than 12 million users. It is an “information platform for moms” that provides the most suitable information for moms now and provides a place for necessary communication. We provide useful information for mothers through various services such as child-rearing and life-related news, community, nursery school search, lessons and cram school search. Reference: Mamasta Service
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■Company Profile
Company name: Interspace Co., Ltd. ( Location: Shinjuku NS Building 8F, 2-4-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Representative Shinichiro Kawabata
Established November 8, 1999
Capital: 984,653,800 yen (as of the end of September 2022)
Business description Internet advertising business, media management business [Contact for applications and inquiries regarding services]
Hasegawa, Media & Solutions Division, Interspace Co., Ltd.
Phone: 03-5339-8725 FAX: 03-6302-3916
[Inquiries regarding the release]
Interspace Co., Ltd. Corporate Planning Office Public Relations Mitsumura E-mail: TEL: 03-5339-8680 FAX: 03-5909-4578 Details about this release:

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