Introduced a new mechanism that connects hometown tax and “travel” in Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture

Kameoka City
Introduced a new mechanism that connects hometown tax and “travel” in Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture
The return gift is a convenient PayPay gift certificate while traveling. Complete the procedure on your smartphone

Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture (Mayor: Takahiro Katsuragawa) will use the PayPay app as a return gift for the hometown tax payment portal site “Satofuru” from December 5, 2020 (Monday) at designated restaurants in the city.・We started handling electronic gift certificates “PayPay gift certificates” that can be used for payment at inns. We aim to increase the number of visitors to the city with a highly convenient system where everything from donation to payment can be completed with a smartphone.
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Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture ~Kyoto Kitchen Nurtured by Fog~ What is a PayPay gift certificate?
Until now, in most cases, in order to reserve lodging tickets and activities at a ryokan as a return gift for furusato nozei, you would need to select the lodging on a portal site, etc., and then make a separate reservation based on the ticket that arrived at a later date. was.
The PayPay gift certificate to be introduced this time is an electronic gift certificate that can be used when visiting a place such as a trip as a return gift for hometown tax. It will be very convenient to use.
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Provided by Satofuru. Reprint prohibited
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 It can be used at target stores and facilities that offer local products in Kameoka City, and can be used to pay for shopping, dining, activities, accommodation, etc. The expiration date is 180 days after the donation application.
In the future, we will further enhance the appeal of gift certificates by increasing the number of facilities and stores where gift certificates can be used. We will also work to make hometown tax payments more accessible so that they can be used in a variety of situations.
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Introduction background
Kameoka City in Kyoto Prefecture has the third largest population in Kyoto Prefecture, and while being conveniently located 20 minutes by rapid train from Kyoto Station, it is an area that retains the charm of the countryside surrounded by rich nature. In 2021, the hometown tax donation amounted to 3.1 billion yen, ranking 42nd in Japan and 8th in Kansai.
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“Kinuhikari” from Tamba, Kyoto won the highest rating “Special A” for 3 years in a row~
[Image 6d52338-14-ca53702a31ce46cc6b2f-7.jpg&s3=52338-14-aa1b14de647bd661e0e9135fe52e63d9-1080x530.jpg
Kameoka Beef ~Deep temperature difference brings out the best flavor~ In addition, the city is home to nationally-known tourist destinations such as the Sagano Torokko Train, the Hozu River Boat Ride, and the Yunohana Onsen. New ryokans and hotels are being built one after another, and many tourists visit to watch soccer games.
[Image 7d52338-14-be4100a78947ae403acf-5.jpg&s3=52338-14-0760b17717ceb76e32de9c42225c756d-1920x1080.jpg
Kameoka Basin and Sanga Stadium by KYOCERA
Kameoka City’s Initiatives and Future Prospects
Kameoka City is implementing various measures to realize an
environmentally advanced city, such as enacting the nation’s first “regulation to prohibit the provision of plastic shopping bags”. As a result, 98% of citizens bring their own bags (surveyed in March 2022), and it is attracting attention nationwide. These various initiatives of the city have been selected as “SDGs Future City” and “SDGs model projects” by the Cabinet Office. We will do our best to make it available.
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