Israeli-Japanese Bioplastics Joint Research Facility Established at Amagasaki Research Incubation Center

Technion Japan Co., Ltd.
Israeli-Japanese Bioplastics Joint Research Facility Established at Amagasaki Research Incubation Center

Japanese engineers succeeded in producing PHA, a raw material for plant-based plastic (Bio Plastic) using marine microorganisms (unicellular algae) using the technology of Tel Aviv University in Israel, using Japanese-made equipment in Japan. Therefore, we will hold a tour of the experimental equipment.
Date and time: December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) 14:00-
Location: Location: 7-1-3 Doi, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture 660-0083 Access information link:
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・Greetings from Kanji Ishizumi, CEO of TechnionJapan
・Tsukasa Petco President Mr. Eisuke Morita explains business outline
・Introduction of laboratories and technical explanation by engineers ・Explanation of business details by Q&A
If you are a member of the press or a company interested in this project, please contact Technion Japan.
About the Green Ocean Blue Planet Initiative

Official logo developed in collaboration with Tel Aviv University What is the “Green Ocean Blue Planet Initiative”? Tsukasa Petco Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Eisuke Morita, HP:, which focuses on waste seaweed, and Israel This is a joint research project for
seaweed-derived bioplastics by the Environmental Research Institute of Tel Aviv University. Kelp, wakame seaweed, green laver, especially edible kombu seaweed in Japan, waste residue after being used as wakame seaweed The total amount of kelp seaweed reaches more than 15,000 tons per year. We contacted researchers from around the world who wrote scientific papers about how plastics can be made, and commissioned research to Tel Aviv University in Israel. was
successful. In addition, Tel Aviv University has succeeded in producing biodegradable plastic from seaweed, which is also produced in large quantities in Japan. increase.
■ About Technion Japan
Representative: Kanji Ishizumi, CEO
Business overview: Official organization in Japan of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. TechnionJapan provides, supports, and conducts joint research on cutting-edge technologies (medical, electronic engineering, computer science, natural science, and all other scientific fields) born from engineering universities for Japanese large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and entrepreneurs. increase. Technion Japan is here to help you solve all your innovation and commercialization problems.
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