Issued agileware “SDGs Promotion Private Placement Bonds”

Agileware Co., Ltd.
Issued agileware “SDGs Promotion Private Placement Bonds”
~Donations will be made to Paralym Art (Organization for Promotion of Independence for Persons with Disabilities)~

Agileware Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka) provides services that support working people, such as the project management tool “Lychee Redmine” and the exercise habit formation service “KIWI GO”, with the mission of “Creating a Feel Good Tomorrow”. , CEO: Mitsuyoshi Kawabata) announced that it has issued “SDGs promotion private placement bonds” on November 25, 2022 with Resona Bank, Ltd. as the underwriter.
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■ What is “SDGs Promotion Private Placement Bonds”?
This is a product that uses part of the fees received from companies that issue private placement bonds to donate to SDGs-related organizations.
Detailed URL: [Image 2d51261-54-72d19bc42e299cf1bf2d-1.png&s3=51261-54-442804a86c4a89eecc4669c3efdeedcf-1011x716.png
of agileware
SDGs promotion private placement bond breakdown
・ Total issue amount: 100 million yen
・ Date of issue: November 25, 2022
・Issue period: 5 years
・ Underwriter: Resona Bank
・Donation Recipient: Paralym Art
(General Incorporated Association Independence Promotion Organization for Persons with Disabilities)

■ Donation destination
SDGs-related organization: Paralym Art (Organization for Promotion of Independence for Persons with Disabilities)
~Mission and activities of Paralym Art (from the official website)~ “Creating a world where people with disabilities can fulfill their dreams with art”
By forming a team with artists with disabilities, we will conduct social contribution projects that can continue to support people with disabilities through the continuous cooperation of private companies and individuals without relying on social security expenses. Number of artists (currently about 730 registered artists in 47 prefectures) – We will pay art usage fees (50% of the profits of the association) to registered artists and facilities for people with disabilities who have been hired.
– Anyone with a disability who wishes can participate free of charge – Artist compensation is about 14 million in the period from April 2019 to March 2020
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■ Comment from Mitsuyoshi Kawabata, Representative Director and CEO Agileware has created an environment where employees can work freely, such as by starting a full flextime system and remote work from the beginning of its founding, and starting a three-day work week every other week from August 2022, and working so that employees can demonstrate their performance. We have been working on policy reforms. And from 2023 next year, we plan to start a contract with a work transition support office for people with disabilities in order to work on DE&I (diversity, equity & inclusion) in earnest.
One of the targets of SDG 8 “Decent Work and Economic Growth” is “<8.5◾︎Company Profile
Company name: Agileware Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 1-3-12 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Temmabashi Leaf Building 8F
Representative: Mitsuyoshi Kawabata, Representative Director and CEO URL:
Business: Provision of project management tool “Lychee Redmine”, provision of exercise habit formation service “KIWI GO”, web system development
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