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It is said that history can be rediscovered. A 500-year history that can be read in one go “Caucasian Invasion: Japan’s Last Prey” 3rd Edition Decided

Heart Publishing Co., Ltd.
It is said that history can be rediscovered. A 500-year history that can be read in one go “Caucasian Invasion: Japan’s Last Prey” 3rd Edition Decided
Rather than memorizing world history, you can read the flow of real world history as if you were reading a story, making it ideal for re-learning.

Looking back at history from the perspective of “Japan in the world,” this is a documentary about the world war fought by whites for whites, and the reasons for fighting the last war are well understood. “Japanese silkworm food” that the Western powers are plotting. How did our predecessors resist the crisis and protect Japan and the Japanese people? A must-read book for Japanese people who are still unaware of the brainwashing of the GHQ historical view. [Image 1d49367-83-63edc8d702d679f5c5ca-0.jpg&s3=49367-83-146e4315d545b5aeb26a4b6e0acbabfb-1300x804.jpg
From the first page, the novel-like text fascinates the reader. “It was in the spring of 1887 that death crept over the
fifty-six-year-old Crown Prince Friedrich of Germany.”
This is a magnificent foreshadowing that is not irrelevant to Japan. The era goes back to the Age of Discovery in Europe, mass murder, resource exploitation and divide and rule in a distant world. Before long, Japan was closed to prevent foreign invasion, but the shadow of aggression creeped in, and the country was forced to open up with clever traps and divisions using missionaries, and overwhelming military force. At the same time, the “map of global aggression” is interwoven with the struggle for leadership among white nations, the speculation of alliances, civil wars and revolutions in white nations, and so on.
An excellent work written over a period of nine years, working hard every day while working as an office worker. Why did Japan enter the Greater East Asia War? The complex and diverse underlying causes are clearly visible. The text is rhythmic and easy to read, so I hope that students who are learning the new high school subject “Comprehensive History” will read it.
·table of contents
Chapter 1 Death of Emperor Father and Son
Chapter 2 Expulsion of Kirishitan
Chapter 3 Massacre
Chapter 4 Japanese Silkworm Food
Chapter 5 Dismissal of Bismarck
Chapter 6 Japan at the mercy of Japan
Chapter 7 Trigger
Chapter 8 Burning
Chapter 9 Expansion of War
Chapter 10 Slaughterhouse
Chapter 11 Nikolai Execution
Chapter 12 Collapse of Allies
Chapter 13 Japanese encirclement network
・Author profile
Ikuya Mitani
Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1958. Graduated from Kansai Gaidai University, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of Spanish Studies. This book is the first author. I decided to write this book because I thought it would be impossible to dispel the guilt that Japanese people have about the Greater East Asia War with the traditional esoteric modern history. Aiming for a book that high school students can understand, it took nine years to complete, and finally managed to publish it. Worked at a logistics company.
[Image 2d49367-83-e15c03965ee7821fbd81-1.jpg&s3=49367-83-dc0e9566f06b1166005805cffa2dd500-865x1300.jpg
・Book information
Title: The White Invasion Japan’s Last Prey Why It Wasn’t Conquered A 500-Year Complete History You Can Read At Once
Author: Ikuya Mitani
Specifications: 46-size standard product, 336 pages
ISBN: 978-4-8024-0129-6
Release: 2021.11.10
Body: 1,800 yen (excluding tax)
Publisher: Heart Publishing
Book URL: Details about this release:

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