Iwai station front exchange base boccs January 2023 news

Iwai station front exchange base boccs (box)
Iwai station front exchange base boccs January 2023 news
Play and learning experience meetings, information on new projects, etc.
We will send you the January 2023 news about the multi-purpose exchange facility “Iwai Station Front Exchange Base boccs” in front of Iwai Station in Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture.
・January 29th (Sun) Learning Experience Meeting
・Regular event information
[Trial session]
January 29th (Sun) Learning Experience Meeting
In front of Iwai Station boccs, there are individual tutoring classes for elementary to high school students, “Shikojuku” for junior high school students, and “Mr. Russell’s English Conversation Class” taught by American instructors. It is held every week. In addition, workshops and events such as IT, art, and SDGs are held irregularly.
From 14:00 to 17:00 on Sunday, January 29, we will hold a trial session for children and adults to experience various learning contents offered by boccs for free. In addition, we also provide explanations and individual consultations about each classroom. If you are considering attending a cram school for your child, or if you are interested in new learning, please feel free to come and visit us. Date: Sunday, January 29, 2023 14:00-17:00
Venue: Iwai station front exchange base boccs (125-13 Ichibu, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture)
Contents: 14:00-15:00 Inquiry Juku boccs, Shiko Juku, Mr. Russell’s English conversation class introduction 14:00-17:00 Learning experience session 1. Inquiry Juku boccs (elementary to junior high school students): programming experience / inquiry Workshop/SDGs quiz 2. Shikojuku (junior high school students): undecided 3. Mr. Russell’s English conversation class (infant to adult): undecided 4. Kyonan Mini Drone: Drone piloting experience 5. Olaga (infant to elementary school students) : play with nature
Participation fee: Free (no reservation required)
Contact: https://boccs.jp/event/experience-20230129/
Information on regular events
Iwai station front exchange base bocc holds movie screenings “boccs cinema” about once a month, flea market “Nokishita flea market” about once every two months, and art and music events irregularly. As a new regular event this year,
Reading club (reading club/study group): Friday 19:00-22:00
Movie party (bring your own movie/movie viewing): Friday 19:00-22:00 Concert (music appreciation, musical instrument performance): Friday 19:00-22:00 / Saturday 14:00-17:00
I would like to hold such as once or twice a month. Participation is basically free of charge, and the participants are asked to operate the event independently. If there are enough people who want to participate, we will decide to hold the event, so if you are interested, please contact boccs (https://boccs.jp/access-contact). (Management: Boso Information LLC)
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