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Izu Shaboten Park Co., Ltd. A Christmas tree with a height of 6m appears in “Izu Kogen Granillumi”

Izu Shaboten Park Co., Ltd.
A Christmas tree with a height of 6m appears at “Izukogen Granillumi” “Illumination Award” Professional Performance Category 1st place for 3 consecutive years “experience-based illumination”

At the Izu Granpal Park “Izu Kogen Grand Illumination”, a Christmas tree with a height of 6m was installed as a special Christmas project. [Image 1d38159-86-dddb60a080bb2b7b14da-0.jpg&s3=38159-86-d0c7dbc60e813feae5f93563cfb90a5c-1040x650.jpg
Christmas season has arrived
The gorgeous tree that rises in the square just after entering the entrance of Izu Granpal Park is popular with customers as a photo spot unique to the Christmas season.
[Image 2d38159-86-f4f2e1586d40a23c5df5-1.jpg&s3=38159-86-60bd831a0cbd5f6c5d974d64359e82ba-3000x2000.jpg
Giant tree with a height of 6m
[Image 3d38159-86-4aff2dda9d27dba05983-7.jpg&s3=38159-86-1dd9395fc72e53140b42ea7968c42bd6-2400x1600.jpg
tree and illumination
Based on the concept of Japan’s first “experience-based illumination”, “Izu Kogen Gran Illumination” is a new type of active illumination where you can “not just look” and “play to your heart’s content”, such as night attractions, showtime, and interaction with nocturnal animals. I’ve cut the boundaries.
[Image 4d38159-86-f8736bf5130aa3fb9407-2.jpg&s3=38159-86-0e136d3c3427818c013d3fd758cb6048-3900x2600.jpg
night attraction
Its uniqueness has been highly evaluated, and it has achieved the feat of winning first place in the “Professional Performance Category” for three consecutive years at the Illumination Awards.
[Image 5d38159-86-8cf9f34e2e7cee6772c5-3.jpg&s3=38159-86-1b1a124124ecf31127fbf1bdb3f31890-1440x960.jpg
Takarajima area
[Image 6d38159-86-dda90a1afcf17bc6fddc-4.jpg&s3=38159-86-2fe57e370e1771d214daefdbf535422e-1800x1200.jpg
rose garden area
This season, which is the 8th season, has undergone a major renewal of the main area with the theme of “great adventure”. The “Treasure Island area” is filled with dazzling treasures such as
three-dimensional diamonds, gold coins, and the hero’s sword. did. [Image 7d38159-86-ce44f873f4f431f68a35-5.jpg&s3=38159-86-f5961cf507aa59248e7fbdd049344095-1800x1200.jpg
The geoglyph seen from the superb view observatory
When you reach the superb view observatory, a geoglyph will appear in the main area.
[Image 8d38159-86-71f63ed72e18bf4d0615-6.jpg&s3=38159-86-fc4bb8e8832ea69757137b324e5761cf-2400x1600.jpg
Experience a “great adventure”
Why don’t you experience an adventure trip of light in this season when the air is clear and the illumination shines conspicuously? ■ Click here for details
■ Izukogen Granilumi

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