January 30th (Monday) AndTech WEB Online “Optimal Design of Adhesives and Tapes and Adhesive Technology Application Trends” Zoom Seminar Course Scheduled to Start

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January 30th (Monday) AndTech WEB Online “Adhesive/Tape Optimal Design and Adhesive Technology Application Trends” Zoom Seminar Course Scheduled to Start
Mr. Yoshihisa Kano, Fellow, Research and Development Division, Sustainable Technology Laboratory, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., will give a lecture.

AndTech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Masao Suyama, hereinafter called AndTech), as part of the Zoom course for R&D development support, is the first person to respond to the growing need for problem solving with adhesion, which has been increasing in recent years. We will hold a lecture on “adhesives” consisting of instructors.
In addition to basic technology such as the basics of adhesion and adhesion mechanism, we will detail the future trend of adhesive technology rooted in SDGs and carbon neutrality, as well as examples of solving problems with adhesives using analysis technology. It also mentions UV curable adhesives for semiconductor manufacturing processes. This course is scheduled to start on January 30, 2023. Details: https://andtech.co.jp/seminar_detail/?id=11390
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Live distribution / WEB seminar workshop overview
Theme: Optimal design of adhesives and tapes and trend of application of adhesive technology
Date: January 30, 2023 (Monday) 13:30-17:30
Participation fee: 39,600 yen (tax included) *Materials will be distributed electronically
URL: https://andtech.co.jp/seminar_detail/?id=11390
Web distribution format: Zoom (URL will be sent after application) Seminar course content structure
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. Research and Development Division Sustainable Technology Laboratory Fellow Yoshihisa Kano
Knowledge that can be learned in this seminar and technical problems that can be solved
・General basic knowledge of adhesive types, evaluation methods, adhesive products, etc.
・Various parameters due to adhesion mechanism
・Relationship between compatibility and adhesion properties of polymer blends ・Adhesive with tilted domain structure
・Troubleshooting of adhesives by analysis technology
・Future trend of adhesive technology for SDGs and carbon neutrality Attendance format of this seminar
It will be a live distribution seminar using the web conferencing tool “Zoom”. Details will be provided after application.
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Inquiries regarding this matter
AndTech Co., Ltd. Public Relations PR Manager Aoki
E-mail address: pr●andtech.co.jp (please change ● to @ when contacting us) All items in the program below (please see if you are interested in details) Purpose of the lecture
At the seminar, we will give a lecture on the keywords of rheology, surface free energy, and compatibility of polymer blends, which are derived from the basics and optimal design of adhesives. In addition, as an example of controlling adhesive physical properties by polymer blend, rubber adhesive, acrylic adhesive / fluororesin polymer blend (tilted domain structure), UV curable adhesive used in the
semiconductor manufacturing process as an applied product. I would like to explain our efforts in detail. In addition, we will explain the problems that occur with adhesive tape (decrease in adhesive strength, deterioration, life), including advanced analysis
technology. Finally, we will introduce the current status and future trends of adhesive technology in consideration of SDGs and carbon neutrality.
1. Basics of adhesion
2. Various parameters resulting from optimum design of adhesive 2-1 Parameter of binding process (surface free energy)
2-2 Parameters of debonding process (rheology)
3. Compatibility and adhesion of polymer blends
3-1 Polybutadiene/tackifier system
3-2 Gradient domain structure in acrylic polymer/fluoropolymer blend 3-3 Adhesion control in acrylic polymer/fluoropolymer blends 3-4 UV curable adhesives for semiconductor manufacturing processes 4.Troubleshooting with advanced analysis technology (decrease in adhesive strength, deterioration, service life)
5. Future trends in adhesive technology considering SDGs and carbon neutrality 【Question-and-answer session】
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