Japan Acer Co., Ltd. Air purifier acerpure pro, selected as this year’s 100 Best Buy products at “mybest award 2022”! In addition, it won first place in the December 2022 recommended air purifier ranking!

Japan Acer Co., Ltd.
Air purifier acerpure pro selected as this year’s best 100 products at “mybest award 2022”! In addition, it won first place in the December 2022 recommended air purifier ranking!
Highest evaluation for basic performance and ease of use

The air purifier acerpure pro “AP551-50W”, which is on sale from the acerpure brand of Acer Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Bob Sen), has a selection support service “mybest”. In the announced “mybest award 2022”, it was selected as this year’s 100 best buy products. In addition, in the recommended air purifier ranking for December 2022 announced by mybest, it received the highest evaluation for basic performance and ease of use, and won first place out of 22 products.
“mybest award 2022” is a selection of 100 best buy products that are particularly recommended for users from a total of 855 genres and 18,078 various products and services that mybest compared and verified in 2022. The only machine selected is the acerpure pro “AP551-50W”. [Image 1d640-840-4f51e219f957bd672fc2-0.jpg&s3=640-840-013d5447dbfe2463cd03b8be62ee7dc4-1920x850.jpg
mybest award 2022 special page
Air purifier acerpure pro “AP551-50W”
mybest recommended air purifier ranking page for December 2022 https://my-best.com/122
Below are excerpts from the evaluation comments on the acerpure pro “AP551-50W”. Basic performance is the highest evaluation. Best buy with an attractive size that does not feel oppressive
As a result of the verification, the most important performance of an air purifier, the dust collection and deodorizing ability, received the highest evaluation. Approximately 80% of the smoke was sucked in 15 seconds after operation, demonstrating overwhelming dust collection power. It also eliminates the smell of kusaya in just 1 minute and 30 seconds, demonstrating its excellent deodorizing power.
Although it has a high dust collection power, it has a slim shape, so it doesn’t feel oppressive even when placed in a room.
It can be said that the functionality and ease of use are very good, such as the high sensor sensitivity, the fact that there are few maintenance parts, and the fact that the main body is slim and does not take up much space even though it has power.
[Image 2d640-840-6a61030c015e4c945436-1.jpg&s3=640-840-2a5d951445857b899c0f3f047c3f769c-2560x1084.jpg
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About Japan Acer Co., Ltd.
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