Japan Medical Company Co., Ltd. Japan Medical Company won the highest award at the “Tokyo Venture Business C hampionship 2022”

Japan Medical Company Co., Ltd.
Japan Medical Company Wins Grand Prize at “Tokyo Venture Business Championship 2022”

Japan Medical Company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideaki Ohno, hereinafter referred to as Japan Medical Company) held a pitch hosted by the Tokyo Unicorn Project Steering Committee on December 22, 2022. We won the highest award (Tokyo Governor’s Award) at the contest “Tokyo Venture Company Championship 2022”. This competition was sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and was held with the aim of “creating unicorn companies” that will change the world, spread their wings globally, and lead the next generation.

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Japan Medical Company was selected as a finalist out of 100 entries from 100 companies for the 4th time this year. Received the Excellence Award (Governor of Tokyo Award).
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At Japan Medical Company, using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, helmets that correct the “distorted head” of babies “Aimet” (*1) / “Qurum” (*1), We develop, manufacture and sell precision medical models. Aimet, Japan’s first helmet made in Japan (*2), and its successor, Qurum, have a cumulative total of more than 11,000 cases (*2), boasting the top share in Japan. I’m here.
There are a great many families who are troubled by the distortion of the baby’s head, and there are cases in which early treatment is required, especially for the distortion of pathological deformation. However, in Japan, the recognition that “head distortion is a disease” has not yet spread sufficiently not only among consumers but also among medical professionals. Taking this award as an opportunity, we will work to further increase awareness of “Aimet” / “Qurum” and work to spread the concept of cranial shape correction itself and disease awareness in Japan and Asia. .
What is the Tokyo Venture Business Championship 2022?
Based on the concept of “producing unicorn companies from Tokyo”, this is an event to produce future unicorn companies from Tokyo,
mega-venture companies following GAFA (Google / Amazon / Facebook / Apple).
(Excerpt from the tournament official website
■ As a venture company from Tokyo, we are looking for friends who will change Japan and change the world.
Recruitment page is here ↓
-About Japan Medical Company-
Japan Medical Company Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing venture that uses cutting-edge 3D printing technology to innovate the shape of medicine. We aim to create “options that the world does not yet have” through technology.
■ Company name: Japan Medical Company Co., Ltd.
■Established: May 2018
■Representative: Hideaki Ohno
■Business description: Development, manufacture and sale of medical equipment, development, manufacture and sale of miscellaneous medical products
■ URL: https://japanmedicalcompany.co.jp
*1 Head and skull correction helmet for infants manufactured by Japan Medical Company
“Aimet” Medical device approval number: 30100BZX00022000
“Qurum” Medical Device Approval Number: 30300BZX00028000
*2 According to our research in November 2022
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