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Japan Shogi Association Shogi Japan Series Table Mark Everyone’s Online Game 1,988 children’s shogi players play online in a hot game in the cold winter!

Japan Shogi Association
Shogi Japan Series Table Mark Everyone’s Online Game 1,988 children’s shogi players play hot games online in the cold winter!

We held “Shogi Japan Series Table Mark Everyone’s Online Game -Winter-” on December 10th (Sat) with the desire to provide a “shogi place” to all those who love shogi. This year, we will expand the participating division from the summer game to junior high school students. A total of 1,988 people participated in this year’s 4th competition: 864 in the lower grades category, 798 in the upper grades category, and 326 in the junior high school category. Many children played shogi happily.
■ Live streaming of games
The competition was streamed live on YouTube. In addition to the opening and closing ceremonies hosted by Sayuri Honda 3rd dan and Aya Fujita 2nd dan, special guest Taichi Nakamura 7th dan commentary on the game and commentary on shogi maxims will be provided for parents during the game. implementation. In addition, we delivered a lot of contents such as tasting of the winter menu using frozen udon of TableMark, a sponsor, and a question corner for shogi players. -Click here for the YouTube live broadcast archive-
■ Commentary by special guest Nakamura Nanadan and thorough commentary on “words of shogi”
[Image 1d44150-119-9cd6e916d0d86ab9213b-0.jpg&s3=44150-119-ca7e86c707b55e02d2cc5b831c2ba3c0-323x182.jpg
Nakamura 7th Dan, who commented on the game, commented, “It’s important to quickly get into your own style of fighting. There are many games where you are energetic and have a favorable impression. You are good at using steps.” Honda Women’s 3rd Dan commented, “It’s important to read the opponent’s hand and point.”
[Image 2d44150-119-0bc4892c30ac6d4c79e7-1.jpg&s3=44150-119-92213b79b6866175dcff710614226547-342x192.jpg
Nakamura 7th Dan explains in detail the proverbs of shogi that can be hints for improving shogi and educating children using shogi boards and pieces. In addition, we introduced the quotes of Koji Tanigawa, the 17th master, and Yoshiharu Hanyu, 9th dan. He explains, “The proverb is a theory of shogi that our predecessors came up with, and it contains teachings to become good at shogi.” Fujita Women’s 2nd Dan responded, “It’s good to know a lot. It made me think about a lot of things.”
■Introducing a “simple and warm recipe” made with tablemark frozen udon noodles [Image 3d44150-119-910d2f650b864f127569-2.jpg&s3=44150-119-64d51d80089adc23645ec9494c5d779b-405x264.jpg
Introducing the recipe for “Clam Chowder Udon”, a dish that is perfect for the cold winter and can be easily made in a single pot using “Frozen Udon” from TableMark, a sponsor. Nakamura 7th Dan, who actually tasted the noodles, commented, “Even Western-style udon goes well with udon. We always have clams in stock, so if you buy just the clams, you can make them anytime. I will try it at home. Thank you for the new recipe.” Fujita Women’s 2nd Dan said, “No matter what, it’s chewy and delicious. After this , I think I can play shogi with firmness.”
All participants will receive Sota Fujii JT Cup winner’s wallpaper, and tablemark products will be presented at the lottery.
As a participation prize, everyone was presented with a Fujii JT Cup winner’s wallpaper, as well as a tablemark frozen food assortment, a Tsuyoshi Koshino key chain set, and a full set of shogi piece-shaped erasers by lottery.
[Image 4d44150-119-22db4d6d4597d911f6f4-3.jpg&s3=44150-119-d9f8ac0f4784f6a8885fba0db3236586-2310x1165.jpg
-Comment from special guest Taichi Nakamura 7-dan after the live stream- [Image 5d44150-119-6fe0a7bea3bbfc6c89c4-4.jpg&s3=44150-119-5c326121070a10796ad55cf1aeae942f-119x122.jpg

Today, I had a great time commenting on the children’s games, answering their questions, and interacting with them online. I think that online games are a great opportunity to enjoy playing shogi with friends from all over Japan. I hope that children will continue to enjoy playing shogi and continue playing it forever.
■ Tournament Overview
“Shogi Japan Series Table Mark Everyone’s Online Game” is an event aimed at providing a wider range of “Shogi venues” and allowing you to enjoy many games with many opponents while competing against each other.
・ Tournament name / “Shogi Japan Series Table Mark Online Games for Everyone – Winter -”
・Organizer: Japan Shogi Association
・ Sponsor / Tablemark Co., Ltd.
・ Cooperation / Shogi Wars
-Please see the official website for details on events, etc.-
■ Inquiries about events
“Shogi Japan Series” General Secretariat TEL/03-5166-0290
1-8-10 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-6038 Harumi Triton Square X Building I&S BBDO Co., Ltd. FAX 03-5166-0296
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