“Japan Subscription Business Award 2022” (abbreviated as “Subscription Award 2022”) was held by the Japa n Subscription Business Promotion Association, which was founded by Temona President and CEO Hayato Sagawa and sponsored by our company.

Temona Co., Ltd.
“Japan Subscription Business Award 2022” (abbreviated as “Subscription Award 2022”) was held by the Japan Subscription Business Promotion Association, which was founded by Temona President and CEO Hayato Sagawa and sponsored by our company.

The “Subscription Award 2022” sponsored by our company was held on December 7, 2022, and attractive subscription (subscription) services that realize a rich world were nominated and awarded. rice field. [About sponsorship]
The Japan Subscription Business Promotion Association aims to create a society where all businesses can use subscriptions, and provides information, know-how, and examples to spread the subscription business in the Japanese market. On the other hand, our company has a purpose of “enriching the world with subscriptions” and provides multiple services that support businesses with technology and know-how specialized in subscriptions. We believe that by expanding the subscription business, many businesses will continue to provide essential and high-value services and continue to pursue people’s satisfaction, which will lead to the realization of a prosperous world. We sympathize with the efforts of the Promotion Association and support the sponsorship.
[About the Japan Subscription Business Promotion Association] The Japan Subscription Business Promotion Association aims to further revitalize the subscription business by sharing information, know-how, and examples in order to spread the subscription business to the Japanese market. Founded in December 2012.
[About Japan Subscription Business Awards 2022]
The “Japan Subscription Business Award”, which has been held by the Japan Subscription Business Promotion Association since 2019, aims to further revitalize the subscription business and recognizes excellent subscription services. “Sub-Sook Awards 2022” was held.
This year, “YAMAP”, which provides safe mountaineering information using big data, won the Grand Prix, silver was awarded to “mederi Pill”, an online pill treatment service, and bronze was awarded to leisure and entertainment nationwide. “Leja Pass” where you can use the facility won the award.
Japan Subscription Business Awards Website:
4th Japan Subscription Business Award 2022 Award Ceremony
– List of Japan Subscription Business Awards 2022 Winning Services (13 services in total) –
Grand Prix: YAMAP / Yamap Co., Ltd. https://yamap.com/
“YAMAP” is a climbing map GPS app that allows you to find your current location on your smartphone even in mountains where radio waves do not reach. Utilizing the largest mountaineer big data in Japan, we are contributing to prompt rescue in the event of a distress. Basic functions are free, and for users who use it frequently, there is a subscription-type paid plan that allows unlimited use of climbing maps and alerts when the route is off, and information is updated based on the collective intelligence of users. We have established a system of “mutual assistance” that continues to be done.
Silver Award: mederi Pill / mederi Inc. https://mederi.jp/
The online pill treatment service “mederi Pill” is a platform that matches women with menstrual disorders with obstetricians and gynecologists. Prescribe a low-dose pill through online medical treatment and receive it by post the next day at the shortest. After that, it will be a regular delivery. The medical treatment is free medical treatment, and the medical treatment fee is free forever. Free for the first month if a low-dose pill is prescribed by a doctor. From the second month onwards, the pill fee is 2,970 yen (tax included) + shipping fee is 550 yen (tax included).
Bronze Award: Lejapass / ORIGRESS PARKS Co., Ltd. https://lejapass.com/ Japan’s first and Japan’s largest entertainment flat-rate
all-you-can-play service. You can use more than 120 paid facilities nationwide, such as amusement parks, theme parks, aquariums, zoos, hot springs, saunas, and campsites, for a monthly membership fee of 1,980 yen (excluding tax). With Corona as an opportunity, we started to liven up the leisure and entertainment industry by fighting together instead of competing. We provide as many people as possible the fun and joy of experiencing live entertainment, contributing to the creation of a society filled with many encounters and memories. Special Award (8 companies, in alphabetical order):
Otomoni / meuron Co., Ltd.
Kutoon / SlowFast Inc.
Suppleno / Suppleno Inc.
Loss Zero Irregular Service / Loss Zero Co., Ltd.
Loshel / Eknes Co., Ltd.
1Drink Subscription / Toho Gas
Temona Prize: Tokupochi / STRK Co., Ltd.
It is a membership mail order site where you can purchase food for free to reduce food loss. Since the operation days of the site are covered only by membership fees and we do not receive any intermediate margins as a retailer, manufacturers that provide food achieve a high cash conversion rate, and members can sell from 60% off the list price. Since the discount rate increases by 10% off every month, you can purchase products with 100% off (free of charge) after 5 months (currently, the average number of days until the expiration date is 200 days). The membership fee is also a low-priced service starting from 130 yen per month.
Subscription Promotion Association Special Award: Audio Subscription ONZO / ONZO Co., Ltd.
This is a subscription rental service for audio equipment that delivers to your home anywhere in Japan for a fixed monthly fee. With the concept of “borrow, try, buy”, if you like it, you can buy it, and you can start it in the actual usage environment and at the necessary timing, so it’s perfect for online live performances and watching movies at home. Second-hand products are rental-up products, so the reliability of the products is outstanding! In the future, we plan to focus on matching user attributes and devices by accumulating user data.
Going forward, we will continue to support businesses with technology and know-how that specializes in subscriptions, and we hope to contribute to the realization of a prosperous world by expanding the subscriptions business.
■ About Temona Co., Ltd.
The origin of the company name Temona is the old word “Temonaku” which means “conveniently, simply, easily”. We have been providing a system specializing in subscribing business support for about 10 years in the EC area, and have a track record of opening accounts for more than 1,000 companies, including the “Subsuku Store”.
-Company Profile-
Company name: Temona Co., Ltd. (Securities code: 3985)
Representative: Hayato Sagawa, President and Representative Director Location: 2-12-19 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Token International Building Main Building 9F
Established: October 2008
URL: https://temona.co.jp
Business: Various support services related to subscription
Service: Subscription business support service “Subsuku Store” https://subscription-store.com
■ Inquiries regarding this press release
Temona Co., Ltd.
PR Manager Hajime Yoshizawa
Phone number: 03-6635-6430
WEB: https://temona.co.jp/contact/
email: pr@temona.co.jp
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