Japan’s first * 1 induction heating type non-nicotine stick compatible with the latest devices “The Third IZUMI” has started handling 4 brands at the official online store!

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Japan’s first * 1 induction heating type non-nicotine stick compatible with the latest devices “The Third IZUMI” has started handling 4 brands at the official online store!
Flavor Capsule x 4 Exhilarating Flavors The Ultimate Zero Nicotine*2 Birth
Future Technology Co., Ltd. * 3 (Headquarters: Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture) has announced four brands of the new heated non-nicotine stick “The Third IZUMI” on the official online store
(https://the3rdfree.com/). We have started selling.
*1 Research by Future Technology (as of December 2022) *2
Non-detection confirmed by a third party *3 Group company of Toa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Since its release on December 20, 2022, The Third IZUMI has received a great response from IQOS ILUMA users and non-nicotine cigarette users. In the Kyushu area, we currently sell menthol-based “Black Menthol” and “Emerald Mint”, but the official online store will have a total of 4 brands, including “Rich Regular” and “Bright Blueberry”. . [Image 1

Product name: Non-nicotine stick “The Third IZUMI” 1 box (20 sticks) 440 yen including tax
Official online store: https://the3rdfree.com/
Manufacturer/Distributor: Future Technology Co., Ltd.
・There are 4 types in the lineup
[Image 2

▼ [Black menthol] Ultimate non-nicotine sharpness overflowing with hard menthol [Image 3

▼ [Emerald mint] Refreshing and refreshing aftertaste filled with refreshing mint
[Image 4

▼ [Bright Blueberry] Exquisite harmony of sweet and sour blueberries and menthol [Image 5

▼ [Rich Regular] A new classic accented with timeless vanilla capsules [Image 6

・Ranked #1 on Amazon.co.jp and Kakaku.com
Non-nicotine stick The Third IZUMI has won first place in both the “new arrivals” and “best selling” rankings in the Amazon ranking -drugstore category- (as of December 22, 2022). Also, on the price comparison site “Kakaku.com”, it won first place in both “General News” and “Home Appliance News” rankings (as of December 12, 2022). [Image 7

[Image 8

[Image 9

[Image 10

・What is The Third IZUMI?
[Image 12d42458-157-1756732427378b94bf7f-11.jpg&s3=42458-157-1c214a19591616b85ff365a12db9176c-2326x566.jpg
The Third series is a non-nicotine stick that considers health and surroundings. It is a “third cigarette” that achieves a high satisfaction and deep sucking feeling by using domestically produced tea leaves without using tobacco leaves.
The new product, The Third IZUMI, has completely renewed the ingredients, flavor, manufacturing method, heating method, and design from the previous series. Enjoy a new experience with Japan’s first zero nicotine.
No tobacco leaves and zero nicotine. “Third tobacco” containing tea leaves from Kagoshima Prefecture
Equipped with flavor capsules for better absorption and flavor Compatible with the latest induction heating devices (not available for heating blade insertion type)
▼ Official online site
▼Official Twitter
▼Official Instagram
【Company Profile】
Company name: Future Technology Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 6504 Kamina, Noda-cho, Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-0501 Tokyo branch office: 1-8-13 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Representative Director: Akimasa Fukai
Capital: 10 million yen

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