Japan’s largest jewelry exhibition will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in January 2023! 

RX Japan Co., Ltd.
Japan’s largest jewelry exhibition will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in January 2023!
Date: January 11 (Wednesday) to 14 (Saturday), 2023 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Organizer: RX Japan Co., Ltd.

Japan’s largest! 560 exhibitors! Exhibition and sale of 840,000 pieces of jewelry and accessories in one place
RX Japan Co., Ltd., Japan’s largest trade fair organizer, will hold the “34th International Jewelery Exhibition” (IJT ) will be held.  IJT is Japan’s largest jewelry purchasing site, and is visited by many retail and wholesale buyers every year. This year’s IJT will be attended not only by domestic buyers, but also by handmade artists who produce and sell jewelry and accessories, as well as people involved in the jewelry business, such as those who sell products on social media. A large number of foreign social buyers residing in Japan are also expected to visit. In addition, along with the relaxation of immigration restrictions, 500 influential buyers from around the world, mainly from Asia, will be specially invited, and as an international jewelry exhibition, a wide range of companies and individuals involved in the jewelry business will visit.
The 10th International Jewelery Fair [Autumn], held in Yokohama in October the other day, recorded the highest number of visitors ever. decided to exhibit. Expectations are high for the grand opening of Japan’s largest international exhibition.
Leading companies from 21 countries* will come to Japan to exhibit!  Overseas companies that had been unable to come to Japan due to immigration restrictions decided to come to Japan and exhibit for the first time in three years due to deregulation. Although overseas companies have exhibited in the past, this is the first time in three years that an overseas representative has actually visited Japan to participate in the exhibition. Along with this, it was decided that the South Italy Pavilion will be expanded in scale from the previous time, and will be exhibited as a pavilion for the whole of Italy. The German Pavilion is also scheduled to exhibit on a grand scale. The revival of IJT as an international exhibition is attracting a great deal of attention from various parts of the industry.
In addition, the Luxury Zone, where high-end jewelry priced at over 3 million yen will be exhibited, will be revived for the first time in three years, and overseas companies such as Italy have already decided to exhibit.
 Now that it is difficult to purchase jewelry from overseas, please do not miss this opportunity to check it out.
* Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, USA, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, etc.
You can learn emerald scholarship and cross-border EC success stories! Co-sponsored seminar (free, advance application required)
Seminars will also be held at the venue (8 in total). A luxurious lineup will be held, including seminars on the latest industry trends and sales-increasing techniques learned from Komehyo and GINZA SIX, as well as seminars on cross-border EC by Lucky Shokai, Google LLC, and Shopify Japan Co., Ltd. In addition, Ms. Ayako Miyata, a power Instagrammer with 170,000 followers, has decided to make her first appearance at IJT, and has already received many applications from retailers and handmade artists who are struggling with SNS management. Registration will close as soon as the seminar is full, so early registration is recommended.
▼ Click here for details and to apply for all 8 tickets
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※Titles omitted
Luxurious lineup decided! 34th Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Award The “Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Award” boasts a history of 34 years as an award that recognizes “the most shining person in each generation” and “the person who looks good with jewelry” over the past year. This time, the award was given to a topical person who is active in various fields.
[Image 9d26157-1024-134fec934ea6f1c110a8-7.jpg&s3=26157-1024-3bc813ebb5034848d0c5e4bdede2c178-1748x1299.jpg
*Honorific titles omitted *There will be no unveiling or party at this time Exhibition Overview

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