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Jewel Communications Co., Ltd. A writing course based on the original article creation program “EBW (TM)” will start in January 2023, creating new employment for an AI-implemented society.

Jewel Communications Co., Ltd.
A writing course based on the original article creation program “EBW (TM)” will start in January 2023, creating new jobs for an
AI-implemented society
-In advance, we will train mainly members in the community and recruit the first batch-

Jewel Communications Co., Ltd. (Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Nagako Tada) prevents the decline in quality of the industry as a whole due to the mass production of articles by AI, and creates new jobs for editorial engineers. We will start growing. Along with that, we will recruit 30 people who will be the first batch. ▶ Community details/participation application: “Web Writer
Entrepreneurship Writing LAB” (external link) [Image 1d92845-2-ccb2beaeab2f1b756b4e-0.png&s3=92845-2-e9e5b7c1443b123e6c4dcf72490ae5cf-1280x720.png

▼What is “EBW(TM)”?
“EBW (Evidence-Based Writing) (TM)” is a coined word inspired by “EBM (Evidence-Based Medicine)” used in medical settings. This is our original method to create articles based on.
▼Why is EBW(TM) necessary in the future?
In 2015, Nomura Research Institute conducted joint research with Associate Professor Michael A. Osborne and Dr. Carl Benedict Frey of the University of Oxford in the UK to estimate the probability that 601 occupations in Japan will be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots. I calculated. As a result, it is estimated that in 10 to 20 years from now, it will be possible to replace them in the occupations in which about 49% of the working population in Japan are engaged.
Quote: “49% of Japan’s working population can be replaced by artificial intelligence, robots, etc.
~ Trial calculation of replacement probability by computer technology for each of 601 occupations ~” (Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.) In 2014, the year before this survey report, the news agency AP introduced the “robot reporter technology” “Wordsmith” of Automated Insights, a startup for natural language generation, and in Japan, the Nikkei Shimbun AI reporter “Payment Summary”. was introduced in 2017. ▼ Focusing on “created jobs” instead of “jobs that will be eliminated” in an AI-implemented society
“In a study that analyzed the technical possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and machines replacing each occupation in the future for 701 occupations in the United States, 47% of workers were in occupations that were highly likely to be replaced. allegedly engaged. When this research is applied to Japan, the trend is similar to that of the United States, with 49% of occupations having a high technical potential to be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) or machines in the future.
On the other hand, regarding the impact on employment caused by changes in the amount of tasks, 1. partial replacement of employment, 2. supplementation of employment, 3. maintenance and expansion of employment directly linked to industrial competitiveness, and 4. women and the elderly. Four improvements in the working environment are assumed (Chart 4-3-3-5). ”
[Image 2d92845-2-1004f26991167e97cd4c-1.png&s3=92845-2-194660081ca9709521bb9db2a20399a4-876x492.png
Quote: “2016 White Paper on Information and Communications (3) Expected Impact on Employment from the Introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI)” (Source) Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,
“Investigative Research on the Impact of Evolution of ICT on Employment and Work Styles” (2016)
While media articles will be able to reduce manpower and costs significantly by AI in the future, Google has announced that it will be evaluated as spam.
Along with that, the human resources that are most in short supply and will definitely be needed in the future are “editing engineers”. Editing engineers have no choice but to improve their skills through experience by belonging to editing production or media, and the current situation is that there is no place to provide systematic technology.
▼ Knowledge and experience cannot be obtained from the desire to learn From my experience in training engineers, many people who say “I want to learn” or “I have learned” at a company or school often want to learn, and they want a sense of stability by belonging.
Then, the number of human resources who can pass the AI ​​society in the future will not increase forever.
Writers need the ability to be “self-propelled” and the ability to communicate as a member of society.
▼Provide a place for training that is contrary to the conventional concept of “provision of agenda” by asking questions and “learning” by teaching
In order to become self-propelled in the information world of the future, the director and senior writers can learn from each other and grow by answering specialized questions such as writing composition proposals necessary for writing, sales methods, and marketing. We have started to provide.
[Image 3d92845-2-b5ace7e6832acce9449b-2.png&s3=92845-2-77018c8fcf7b2f856d0be1b86571532a-940x788.png
[Image 4d92845-2-2d8a0fb47732501ed970-3.png&s3=92845-2-8bb4b7cbdb88c7566dbfeeed675c986c-940x788.png
[Image 5d92845-2-662a7c1b4a4b54f69ccf-4.png&s3=92845-2-5292f600d127319aef8a3844ce595e0f-940x788.png

[Image 6d92845-2-78cf9f6dff39dbb4a8a3-5.png&s3=92845-2-6ca5e5007d7f68da970a238b9db53658-940x788.png
“Web Writer Entrepreneurship Writing LAB”
Company Profile
Name: Jewel Communications Co., Ltd.
Location: Kamakura, Katsushika Ward, Tokyo
Representative: Nagako Tada, Representative Director
Established: October 13, 2021

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